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  • This talented young actress is NOT the one starring in "The Nine this fall on ABC. The actress playing to role of Lizzie is a Julliard-trained actress with several TV and theater credits.

    This original ABC series stars Jessica Collins, but not the blonde actress listed on this website. The actress starring in The Nine (Thursdays, ABC this fall) is a very talented new actress who is Julliard trained (graduate, 2005)and was a guest star last summer in The Ghost Whisperer (Ghost, Interrupted) when she played the role of alive, one the ghost of the episode. She also had a guest role in a recent episode of Law and Order, Criminal Intent. She has several theater credits from productions in New York. A recent Kansas City Star article ( Thurday, June 8th, 2006) identifies her as one of the new break-out stars of the upcoming television season. Photos of Jessica (a 5 ft 6 inch brown haired, blue eyed beauty) are available at the ibmd website, or on the ABC website (follow the links to The Nine)