Jessica D. Stone

Jessica D. Stone


1/29/1990, Valencia, California, USA

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Jessica Stone
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  • Amazing!

    How does this girl do it? She played Stanley on the show "Stanley," and she did a great job with her voice. Although she is female, she did an excellent job at playing the role of a boy who was only six years old. That is truly amazing how a girl can do it, and she nailed it well! I have also seen a couple of pictures of her, and she is such a lovely young lady. Practically a woman now! Still, she is another one of those actresses that works so hard and just does not get recognised for her hard work. She deserves more credit than she gets. Jessica, you are an awesome actress! Keep up the great work!moreless
  • A great actor AND a great personality!

    I worked with her on a production of Oliver! in november. For one, she's a great actress! And for two, her personality fits perfectly with the roles she plays. (She'd kill me if she knew I was posting this.) She played Charlotte in Oliver. it was the first time I'd seen her act. Anyway, to summarize, she was great! I'm going to be working on Beauty and The Beast, which she is in. Can't wait!moreless