Jessica DiCicco

Jessica DiCicco


6/10/1980, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Jessica DiCicco



Also Known As

Jessica Dicicco, Jessica Di Cicco, Jessie DiCicco
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Jessica DiCicco was born in Los Angeles, California and was raised on Manhattan, New York City. She is the daughter of Bobby DiCicco, a popular actor from the 1970s. Jessica is the older sister of singer Katie DiCicco.

Jessica started her career when she appeared in the ABC special…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • My favorite voice actress.

    Jessica DiCicco is clearly my favorite voice actress. She has such a great voice that matches many characters. Of course, my favorite is Maggie from The Buzz on Maggie, which was her big breakthrough on Disney. After that, she did the voice for Malina on The Emperor's New School, which was also clearly a success for her. Her latest role is Gwen on The Mighty B!, where she plays an Asian character that likes urban music and such.

    She also voiced Celebrity Star in the second season of The Replacements, as a voice match for Miley Cyrus, who played Celebrity Star in the first season.

    Jessica is just an awesome voice actress.moreless
  • Compliment and encouragement.

    Jessica DiCicco, in my opinion, has a potential of being a next shining star in the near future. In my opinion, apart from Grey DeLisle and Tara Strong (two well-known voice actresses), Jessica is one of a kind. Although she has one particular voice tone, and a funny one, it kinda makes her unique, like a friend of mine.

    I had been fans to the Buzz of Maggie ever since I discovered it on Disney Channel in the Middle East. I never thought of learning who her voicemaker was, but then came the Emperor's New School, one of my personal favorite shows on Disney Channel. Having seen Malina on TV, I realized that she and Maggie have the same voice. Thus, I made a private investigation and discovered the person behind the scene.

    Sometimes, I wonder why Jessica hasn't stolen the spotlight yet as others did. Personally, I think this girl has the potential, but she also needs to work hard for it.moreless