Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake


10/14/1974, Dallas, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Angela Patrice Heaslet



Also Known As

Jessica Stone, Angela Patrice Heaslet
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jessica writes restaurant reviews in Los Angeles both for herself independently and also for a publication called the Beverly Hills Outlook.

    • Jessica says her taste in music is quite diverse. Some of her current favorites include Busta Rhymes, DMX, Eminem, Moby, Kanye West, Maroon 5, and Evanescence.

    • Jessica's first job was as a tortilla maker at a Mexican restaurant when she was 14 years old. On how she was working at the age of 14, Jessica said, "My mother changed my birth certificate to say I was 16. She made a photo copy of it so I could get a job. They ended up putting me on graveyard shift and they thought I was 17 at the time and I was only 15. I started working long nights for them and they made me assistant manager."

    • She was nominated for and won AVN award for Best Actress in a Video in 2006.

    • She was nominated for and won AVN award for Best Oral Sex Scene in a Film in 2005.

    • She was nominated for and won AVN award for Best Actress in a Video in 2005.

    • She was nominated for AVN award for Best Supporting Actress in a Video in 2003.

    • Jessica was the official host of the 2007 AVN Awards, held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 13, 2007.

    • Jessica was showcased on an episode of the Tyra Banks Show entitled "A Day In The Life of a Porn Star" and spoke personally with Tyra Banks, the show's host, to dispel some of the myths about the adult film industry.

    • Jessica met with the California State Assembly Members and Legislators as part of the Free Speech Coalition's Celebrate Free Speech Lobbying Days in 2005.

    • NShe was nominated for and won the AVN award for Best Boy/Girl/Girl Scene in 2002.

    • She was nominated for and won the AVN award for Best Tease Performance in 2001.

    • She was nominated for the AVN award for Best Supporting Actress in 2001.

    • She was nominated for the AVN award for Best Couples Sex Scene in 2001.

    • She was nominated for the AVN award for Best New Starlet in 2000.

    • Measurements: 34C-24-33

  • Quotes

    • Jessica Drake: I don't want to be one of those chicks that becomes a director just because she wants to see her name on the box cover. I decided to start seeing what I thought I would be good at in the business. I have worked on a few sets where I was not in the movie and I try to learn every aspect of the business. I've done a lot of art direction. I don't want to be the person behind the monitor telling people, 'That looks terrible. Fix it.' I want to be the person that says, 'I don't like the way this is. Let's do it this way.' I want to really understand every aspect of the business before I can call myself a director.

    • Jessica Drake: Once you decide to get into porn you really can't take it back. To their credit, everyone that I talked to before getting into the business were very clear with me. Things were thoroughly explained to me. I understood the consequences of what I was thinking about doing.

    • Jessica Drake: I was a house dancer in Texas. It was very stereotypical. I was stripping my way through college. I had about two and a half years of college under my belt and I was a psychology major. I went to community college in El Paso and I was then going to the University of Texas at El Paso, UTEP. I worked at a club, especially on the weekends so I could have time during the week to study. I kept on seeing these feature entertainers come through. They are the girls that have set stage times and they have these incredible costumes and they have done magazine and movies. I have a real knack for being on stage. (on how she got into the adult industry)

    • Jessica Drake: I love Wicked Pictures. I don't think I could have made a better choice in this industry. My contract came up in April 2006 for renegotiation and we haven't released an official press release but a lot of people do know that it was a successful renegotiation. I don't see myself ever working for another company as long as I am in this industry. They have been that good to me.

    • Jessica Drake: When I find out about a role I will be playing in my next movie, the first thing I do is get online and do some research. A great example is when we shot Curse Eternal I went to the King Tut exhibit which happened to be touring in Los Angeles as we were shooting the movie. That was a great coincidence. I like to do a little extra research because I like to see all the characters a bit more in depth.

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