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Jessica Gower


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Jess Gower
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Jessica Gower was born in 1977 in Australia. She is a 2000 graduate of the Australia National Theatre Drama School. She has been married to Puven Pather since 2004.


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    • Jessica (On "Blade: The Series"): Expect the unexpected. We are all just trying to make this series as real as possible. Expect something that is fresh, real and different.

    • Jessica (On her favourite "Blade: The Series" scene): The most fun thing was probably ripping some guy's throat out in pure vampire style. I am straddled over this guy and I am just going for his throat. They had great prosthetics on his neck and blood was splattering all over. It is always fun to get, fanged up.

    • Jessica (On her "Blade: The Series" character Chase): I try to make Chase as human as I can. I wanted to make her as human as possible so I can connect with her in a real way. That is what is so fun about this kind of television series, that there is no boundaries. The existence of a vampire is pretty wild. A lot of my research of Chase is from my imagination.

    • Jessica (On her "Blade: The Series" character Chase): I'm growing to love her and support her more and more each day and the choices that she's making. It's not just about pushing people over; it's more about how she can sustain herself to survive. It makes for a more interesting character, rather than she's just making choices to hurt and kill people, because that limits how I connect with her.

    • Jessica (On whether her husband, Puven Pather, gave her advice on her "Blade: The Series" stunt work): He is a stuntman, so I trust him the most. If I've got any concerns, I'd go to him. I practice stuff with him, but mostly I have to go with what people on the set say.

    • Jessica (on playing the role of Chase in Blade: The Series): In the pilot, it's not a very deep role, but she's sort of the go girl for Marcus Van Sciver and she basically cleans up any mess that he needs her to. She's very good at what she does and she's a very evolved character.

    • (audition for Blade: the Series)
      Jessica: I originally auditioned for Krista and then it was basically, "Why don't you read for another character, Chase?" When I found out she was a vampire and quite evil, I got excited about that because I've always played the girl next door.