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Jessica Greco

Jessica Greco


Thornbill, Ontario, Canada

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Jessica Greco


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Watch out! Here comes a set of super hard trivia questions! Oh...And a battle scene!!

    =Karen Somerset and Amanda McKinley are locked in hand-to-hand combat against each other. It only takes a few swift martial arts moves to bring Amanda down for the count. Karen wears a bright-red Lava Cape over her usual rebel clothes. The band Abandoned Pools is there and playing their hit single: The Remedy. Amanda gets up after being knocked down by Karen and scowls at her= Amanda: Who the **** are you? And where the **** did those rock stars come from!? Karen: Don't worry about me or the rock stars. Worry about your life, because now, I am gonna destroy you!! =Karen claps her hands together and chants. She then throws her right hand up and a huge bright red ring appears in the sky above Amanda= Amanda: What the **** are you doing!? =Karen doesn't respond. Instead, she hits Amanda hard with Volcanic Sky Lava and Volcanic Sky Lightning. Amanda screams and gets owned= Tough Trivia Questions! 1: What Elemental Affinity is Karen using during this battle? 2: What could Amanda possibly have done to make Karen so angry at her? 3: How did the rock band Abandoned Pools get to the battle site? The answers to these questions will soon be revealed!moreless