Jessica Harmon

Jessica Harmon


12/27/1985, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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Jessica Harmon is a vibrant up and coming actress. Although she has been acting since the tender age of 10, her star has recently started to soar. With five movies and eight television shows under her belt, she has undoubtedly earned her place. Jessica has been around the…more


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    • Jessica traveled around the U.S. for her first nine years due to her family's schedule.

    • Jessica: Acting is definitely number one, but I have taken an interest in my mother's production company, so I suppose producing is a possibility for the future. I certainly have a lot to learn before that happens though.

    • Jessica: I'd say I learn something new every time I go to work. That's the thing about the film industry — there are just so many people with such a variety of jobs that you can't help but pick new things up all the time.

    • Jessica: I think when you grow up on a film set you become either addicted to being apart of film making or you never want to associate with the industry in any way. Basically what I'm saying is I'm an addict.

    • Jessica: We have all had difficult choices to make in our lives, especially in love and it's even more difficult when your family is involved.

    • Jessica: I really love my job and if I could, I'd do it every minute of every day. Since I can't, I guess my spare time is filled with watching movies, traveling when I can and just being around the people I love.

    • Jessica: [about what drew her to Passions Web] My father is the director! That sounds awful and I probably look like I was just handed to part but it's not true. We've actually never worked together before so this was a great experience for both of us. Also it's a really great story, with great characters and wonderful actors.

    • Jessica: [On her character on Supernatural] What's great about that is that when you are coming on to a show that's already been running for two years you still feel as though your role is very important to that show. My character was very well written, you can see that she's had a difficult past and really feel what she's going through, it was amazing to play.

    • Jessica: [On Supernatural] I had such a great time working on this show. I really like it though, working on it turned me into a fan, so way to go Warner Brothers you got that extra viewer you've been looking for.

  • Jessica is an excellent actress, who can easily convince...

    Jessica is a good actress. When she acts, she has me convinced that she is her character. In Life As We Know It, she has this punk rock chic look going on, but in other roles, she can be this normal girl. She can play any role excelently and is very, very talented. i think she will be getting many more parts as life goes on with the talent she was clearly born with. She captures the viewers attention easliy when on camera and she will definatly go far in this buisness with her hot look and huge succesful talent shes got.