Jessica Holmes





11/17/1976 , Cleveland, Ohio

Birth Name

Jessica Renee Holmes



Did you ever wonder who that girl is on Nickelodeon (USA)'s hit TV show "Slimetime Live"? Well she's Jessica Holmes, a co-host with Jonah "J-Man" Travick and host Dave Aizer. The show is shown LIVE from Nick Studios in Orlando, FL to over 15 million kids all around the country.

~*~ In The Beginning~*~

Jessica originally lived in Cleveland, Ohio (or somewhere around it), and she moved to Cape Coral, FL when she was 8.

When she was in High School, she decided to go into the TV field. When she graduated, she went to the University of Central Florida (UCF for short), where she graduated in 2000 with a degree in Radio/TV broadcasting.

*~*Her Big Break~*~

When she was in college, she became an intern for Nickelodeon GAS (Games and Sports), and worked in the finance department at Nick for a little while. One day, this guy came up to her and asked "Would you like to be on TV"? Well obviously Jessica said YES!! In the beginning she only did the show on Mondays and Fridays (since the other days she had classes). After she graduated from college, Nick wanted her full time.

~*~ Jess Now ~*~

Well, Jess is in her third year of STL (or soon to be), and she is doing A LOT of charity work. Recently she attended the annual Volunteers of America's Teen Volunteer Fair in June 2002 (which I attended), and the annual Childwatch of America Benefit at Hard Rock Live in Orlando. Some of the charities that she's involved with are the Make A Wish foundation, Starlight foundation and Kids Wish Network. Basically if there's any charity that helps ill children, Jess is involved since she's in a position where she can make kids happy, and her heart breaks for terminally ill children :)

Look for Jess in more projects soon- She's not going anywhere, that's for sure ;) (Also, watch STL @ 3/2 central on Nickelodeon)