Jessica Leccia

Jessica Leccia


1/8/1976, Washington Heights, New York

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Jessica Rodriguez
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Jessica Leccia joined the cast of the long running CBS soap opera Guiding Light in April 2007, where she played single mother "Natalia Rivera."

Jessica is no stranger to the small screen, having guest-starred on shows such as Mercy, Rescue Me, and Law & Order: Trial by…more


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    • Jessica: I am Puerto Rican. Some might call me sorta-Rican.

    • Jessica: When my brother was born, I was already 12. I had a baby on my hip for most of the time. When I got home from school, there was a baby on my hip. When I was doing homework, there was a baby on my hip. I bathed him, and I took him to the pool. He was like my little baby.

    • Jessica: I declared myself a theater major going into college because I knew it was going to be the only way I would force myself to audition for productions!

    • Jessica: (talking about "Guiding Light") This is the closest I've had for a big girl job. When you're an actor you float around and do recurring roles. You go in for a day or even a few hours but you don't make the connection that I've made from my short time already at Guiding Light. I love that I can work with the same people everyday.

    • Jessica: When I was a kid, I thought New York [city] was a big, scary place. I wanted to move to the suburbs and have a house with a pool!

    • Jessica: My background is Puerto Rican, but everyone is as American as apple pie in my family.