Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes


11/8/1988, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Jessica Marie Lowndes


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Jessica Lowndes was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia and attended Pacific Academy, a private Christian school in Fraser Heights (a neighborhood in Surrey). She moved to Los Angles at the age of eighteen, shortly after finishing high school. Considered a triple threat, not only does she…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Three women Jessica would 'die to meet' and looks up to career-wise are Meryl Streep, Glen Close and Annette Benning.

    • Jessica calls herself a 'Disneyland fanatic'. If she's ever homesick, she and a group of friends will paint their faces like animals and go to Disneyland.

    • The first musical Jessica ever saw was Grease when she was seven years old. She says she's always singing along to it

    • Jessica lists her top five favorite movies as American Beauty, Grease, Little Mermaid, Wizard of Oz and Requiem for a Dream.

    • Jessica considers herself to be a morning person and says she's very chipper when she wakes up.

    • Jessica is a huge Eagles fan.

    • As a child, Jessica's family had "Family Fun Days" and they went on a lot of road trips, though she says her dad never looked at a map, so they would always get lost.

    • Jessica considers herself a huge foodie and loves finding new restaurants.

    • Jessica is allergic to cinnamon gum. Her tongue swells up every time she has it.

    • She worked with the band Carolina Liar on her music.

    • She dated actor Aaron Paul in 2009.

    • Jessica is very scared of spiders. Her other fears include snakes, bugs, and things that crawl.

    • Jessica says the whole cast of 90210 love to hang out together. She enjoys hosting 90210 board game night. She says it's nice to hang out because they don't all always work together.

    • Jessica missed her own prom because she home-schooled her last year, but went with older boyfriends before.

    • Jessica completed twelfth grade in three months being home-schooled.

    • As of October, 2010, Jessica has recorded the following tracks: Goodbye, Break, Fly Away, Never Lonely, Mama Who Bore Me, Wop (How I Know), Haven't Been Drinking, Stamp of Love, Girl Tax, Body on the Floor, One More Time and Falling in Love.

    • Jessica wrote Fly Away, Break, Goodbye and Never Lonely with her best friend after a nasty break-up. She said it seemed like a really big deal at the time, but now, not so much.

    • When she needs inspiration for writing, Jessica turns to her friends or her little sister. She also reads the newspaper or watches the news. She says, "You never know where you're going to find inspiration."

    • Jessica loves all kinds of music, but her favorite is pop/rock.

    • Her mom was a piano teacher.

    • Jessica has played the piano since she was ten and loves incorporating it into her music. She can also play the guitar.

    • She got her start in music when she was on a plane next to a music producer. She didn't know anything about him and they were just chatting. He mentioned her was interested in music, so she handed him her demo. Six months later, he called her up and bought one of her songs.

    • Jessica wrote her first song when she was 15, but she says no one will ever get to hear that one.

    • Jessica co-wrote the song she performed with Ironik, Falling in Love, which she says mimicked the Javier storyline on 90210, calling the experience "creepy and weird and awesome."

    • Jessica can be heard singing in several episodes of 90210. She made her musical debut in the pilot, and briefly sang in a couple early episodes of the series. Later, in season two, her character joined a band and was later signed. Among the songs she sang was a duet with Diego (Javier), called One More Time.

    • In September 2009, Jessica performed "God Bless America" at Dodger's Stadium.

    • Jessica said her character's romance with Gia on 90210 was not too awkward since she and Rumor Willis (Gia) are friends in real life and could just laugh it off afterward.

    • Jessica lent her vocal talent for Ironik's song Falling In Love and starred in the music video.

    • Jessica pronounces her last name "Lounds" (rhymes with grounds).

    • Jessica recorded her first demo CD in 2006 with hopes of signing with Icon Records or Red Girl records, however, she was not signed. Talks also took place with Epic Records.

    • Jessica is a Christian.

    • Jessica's character on 90210, Adrianna, has been compared to the character of Brenda from the original Beverly Hills, 90210, though Jessica has stated that she does not see much similarity beyond hairstyle.

    • Jessica admits to having a huge sweet tooth. She loves all kinds of cobbler from apple to blackberry.

    • Jessica is a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor and the Jonas Brothers. She uses Miley Cyrus as her ringtone.

    • Jessica began dating 90210 co-star Adam Gregory in September of 2008.

    • Jessica originally signed on as a guest star on 90210, but they kept writing for her and she soon became a star on the show. She first appeared in the opening credits of episode fourteen, By Accident.

    • Jessica is a runner, and she also does Bikram yoga in the heat, which she says feels amazing afterward.

    • Jessica has a younger sister.

    • Jessica came in at #7 on Zap2It's List of TV's Underrated Stars of 2008.

    • She goes by the nickname Jessie.

    • Jessica is 5'4".

    • According to her 90210 co-star, Jessica Stroup, she cannot dance.

    • Jessica has starred in the scary movies The Haunting Of Molly Hartley and Autopsy.

    • Jessica has been singing her whole life and acting for the last five years.

    • Jessica cut her hair drastically for her role as Adrianna on 90210. Once her hair was finished, she told the stylist she did not mind, as it made her look like Cleopatra.

    • Jessica has recorded the songs Fly Away, Goodbye, Break, Never Lonely, and Mama Who Bore Me. She wrote the first four with her best friend after a nasty break-up. Her song Goodbye was featured in episode 12 of Moonlight and she sang a rendition of Fly Away during a scene of 90210 in episode two.

    • To prepare herself for her role as Adrianna on 90210, Jessica interviewed real drug addicts so she wouldn't make a mockery of it, because she has never had any experience with drugs. She also watched a bunch of documentaries and films about drugs. She learned about little things addicts would do when they were high, such as finger tapping, and made sure to incorporate them into her performance.

    • Jessica says that she would love to do musical theatre one day.

    • She went to school at a private school called Pacific Academy in Surrey, British Columbia.

  • Quotes

    • Jessica Lowndes: I like to think I'm a good dancer.

    • Jessica Lowndes: Texting can be kind of cute during the day, but a phone call at night is always nice.

    • Jessica Loundes: (On how her style differs from Adrianna's style) Actually, this season, I can say that we're pretty similar. I think my style is kind of classic with a little bit of an edge, and my character is kind of like 1940s, classic-Hollywood inspired and then she kind of edges it up with like a leather jacket or something cool like that. And it's kind of a problem. Like, last year, my character was in maternity clothes for the majority of the year, so I didn't really want to bring anything home with me. But this year, it's the cutest outfits ever, and I'm photocopying the tags after every wardrobe fitting and I'm going and buying the items. It's like this new problem that I have.

    • Jessica Lowndes: I'm a huge adventurer. I just want to put my finger on a map and just go!

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On whether her parents are stage parents) I have the best parents ever! I know I'm biased, but my parents are so supportive. My mom is my best friend in the entire world and she was so not that way at all. She didn't want to be a stage mother, she didn't want to push me into it. And as a kid, I wanted an agent so bad, but she didn't want to put that kind of pressure or anxiety on me at such a young age. She didn't really know how to go about it. She knew that I wanted to do this and I wanted to move to Hollywood and she was so supportive, but luckily it all fell into place...

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On whether she prefers acting or singing) That's the hardest question! Everyone has been asking me that. I love them both. I've always just been someone who loves to tell stories. When I'm acting I tell someone else's story through the character and when I'm singing I'm telling a bit of my own story. At the end of the day I like helping people and affecting people, and I feel like you can do both in both fields.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On whether Adrianna supporting Teddy after his fling with a guy on 90210) I think she would be a good person to help him out. We haven't filmed those episodes yet, so I don't know. But I feel like she's someone who can truly understand. Last year, she was worried about the judgment and what people would think. And then, all of the sudden, it clicked. And she was like, "You know what? No. This is what's going on. This is how I feel. This is who I am. This is what I'm gonna do." She's got a really good outlook on the whole thing, and I can totally agree with her that you should be who you are and do what you want, and be true to yourself. I feel like that's the best advice to give someone who's truly battling it. And [Teddy]'s somewhat embarrassed by it, which he shouldn't be.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On the response she gets for playing Adrianna on 90210) I think at the beginning it was a little negative - people loved to hate me, and my haircut. Now it's more positive.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On the make-up she had to wear for 90210) It was an hour of intense white makeup on my face and red and gray under my eyes to create broken capillaries. It looked much worse in person than on camera. And then, right when I thought I could start wearing some pretty makeup, I have this huge pregnancy belly I have to put on.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On her 90210 experience) All I knew was that Adrianna was a singer in the school musical, and I'm a singer, so I was excited to sing on TV. Next thing I knew they chopped my hair off, and wrote this amazing material for me in which I had a drug addiction and I was dying. I honestly didn't know where it was going.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On what to do for Valentine's Day) Cheesy is good! Like, I'm a hopeless romantic, so I love it. So guys, I don't know, if you don't have the money, cook her dinner. Um, go pick some flowers. I like a guy with a plan. That's always, like, a girl turn-on, so have a plan and maybe some chocolates and you're set. It's all good.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On her character's appearance on 90210) She's heavily into drugs right now, and because of that, she needs her hair perfect. Like, 1940's housewife. So that's how I explain the hair and the grey and the red and all the stuff on my face right now.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On fan reactions to her character on 90210) Some girls come up to me and say, 'I can totally relate to what you go through with your mother on this show.' It's really hard, but I'm at least there for them and they can relate to my character and not feel so alone in their situation, and that's the best thing I can do. It's kind of fun and amazing because I love that I'm able to affect people.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On singing on 90210) I sang one of my own songs, called "Fly Away." I had to sing it while my character was high (laughs) so it wasn't a good representation, but it was still very exciting.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On what people shouldn't do on a date.) Don't talk on your cell phone during dinner! Just keep it on silent and look at it in the car later.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On where she likes to shop) Forever 21 is my favorite store. Their twenty dollar jeans are sexy and they last, too.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (Telling a fan story) Someone was making me a sandwich at Subway and he started hyperventilating. Then he asked me to sign a wrapper. That was pretty cool.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On working on 90210) We usually get the script the day before. It's fast paced like that. I had to work my butt off. I got one script and I'm like, "Oh, gosh, okay, I die in this episode, hopefully I come back." And then I got the series regular contract the day after.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On why she needed so much preparation for her role as drug-addict Adrianna) Honestly, like, I don't even have experience with drugs. I take Tylenol if I have a headache. That's it.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On qualities she likes in a guy) I think humor is very sexy. Honesty, integrity and respect are also very important.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On her 90210 character) Adrianna is constantly searching for that happy ending and it's nowhere in sight. It's emotionally draining because my eyes are puffy every day of my life, but it's so rewarding. When I see the finished product, I'm very proud of it.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On the original 90210) I was a huge fan. I didn't watch it when it was really popular because I was three, but obviously I've seen it since, so I was a huge fan.

    • Jessica Lowndes: (On what it was like to work with Shannen Doherty) Incredible. I pinched myself in every scene.

  • Jessica Lowndes is without a doubt the most talented actress on 90210!

    Jessica is most known for her role as Adrianna Tate-Duncan on 90210. Her character, Adrianna, was into drugs for a while and was even pregnant, giving Jessica a lot of crying scenes. Whenever she cries onscreen it seems so real! Some of the other actresses on 90210 are also talented, but none as much as Jessica! Jessica also had a small part in the horror film The Haunting of Molly Hartley, with her 90210 co-star AnnaLynne McCord. Jessica only had 6 minutes of screen time and was the first character to die in the film. Since the role was so small it didn't show much of her acting ability, so she was probably cast for her looks. Even in a 6 minute role Jessica was perfect and extremely gorgeous! Jessica's most recent film, Autopsy, is a low-budget horror movie made for the 3rd annual After-Dark Horrorfest. In the film, she played the lead character, Emily. The movie was about a group of teens, who after a car accident, end up trapped in an abandoned hospital where they are terrorized by crazed doctors and nurses. Emily was the only character to survive through the whole film. I always knew Jessica was talented from 90210, but seeing her in a role like this makes me appreciate her a lot more. It shows that her acting ability goes far beyond the rich Beverly Hills teen. I can't see any other actress playing Jessica's parts in any of her roles. Jessica is a beautiful and talented rising star, and she is one to watch. I just hope she can finally get the credit she deserves for her acting ability. Not only that, but she is also a talented singer! Jessica has recorded 4 songs that she wrote called "Goodbye", "Never Lonely", "Break", and "Fly Away". The songs can be heard on her official myspace page. If Jessica ever decides to record an album, that would be the coolest thing ever! I would definitely buy it!moreless
  • Jessica is a great and beautiful actresss! Her part Adrianna on 90210 is my fav character! Im a HUGE fan!

    jessica is such a great actress! I just started watching 90210 and adrianna is my fav character! Im such a huge fan as u can tell by my username(jessicalowndes)! she is sooo pretty! im also a huge fan of her show 90210 well technically its not her show but she shuld be given more credit for he part in the show cuz she does her part wiith alot of emotion and u wuld really think shes going through all the stuff adrianna is gong through in the show (u know being pregnant and all! lol) anyway im a HUGE fan!moreless