Jessica Lucas





9/24/1985 , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Film and television actress Jessica Lucas is a North Vancouver native popularly known as Bekka Lawrence in the CBC teen drama Edgemont. She started acting when she was seven years old. Jessica trained professionally with the Children's Theatre Arts from 1992 through 1994, during which she performed in local theater productions.

In 2000, Jessica made her television debut in an episode of the UPN's sci-fi drama 7 Days. As a teen, she was fortunate to have won recurring and starring roles on shows both in Canada and the US. She played Jakki Kaan on YTV's action/suspense drama 2030 CE, Sue Miller on ABC's high school drama Life As We Know It, and Bekka on Canada's one of the most popular teen series, Edgemont.

In 2006, Lucas was able to transition from television to film, securing credits in She's the Man, The Covenant, and Split Decision. The following year, the hit CBS crime procedural drama CSI hired her services as Ronnie Lake, a temporary replacement for Sara Sidle. Her huge break on the big screen came in 2008 as she starred in the JJ Abrams monster movie Cloverfield. She then worked with CW on 90210 (2008) and Melrose Place (2009), remakes of the popular 90s dramas.