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  • Packed to the Rafters Australian television series on Channel 7 and featuring first time television series actress Jessica Marais from Western Australia. A dramatic actress destined to become a household name in Australia and overseas

    When Packed to the Rafters came onto television screens in Australia in the latter part of this year few would have expected to to become the booming success it is. Recently it topped 2 million viewers for its weekly airing, astonishing figures for a brand new show. Much of its success is its wide appeal to all facets of society and to all ages. Added to the this are the continually strong acting performances from established names but more particularly the astonishingly strong week to week acting of a newcomer to Australian television screens, 23 year old Jessica Marais from Perth, Western Australia. A screen presence that is akin to the young Nicole Kidman in roles like Dead Calm, Marais is widely tipped to follow in the footsteps of Australia's great celluloid names like Kidman, Blanchett, Judy Davis, Naomi Watts and others.