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  • Great singer

    Jessica Sierra was a patient on the VH1 show, Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. She was on the show because she was arrested for using cocaine. She was one of my favorite patients on the show because unlike some of the other participants, she actually cared and wanted to get clean and stop using drugs. She was also on the fourth season of American Idol and she made tenth place. I never watched that season but, I have heard her sing and she is really good. I have listened to "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" ( which is one of my favorite songs) done by her and it is amazing.
  • She has a great voice and she was eliminated way to early.

    Jessica Sierra was born in 1985 and she is best known as getting 10th place on American Idol Season 4. She first auditioned in Season 3, but she didn't make it to Hollywood so she tried out for Season 4 and she went all the way to the top 10. I thought Jessica went home to early, She should have made it at least to the top 4. Her best performance was Total Eclipse of the Heart on top 11 night and I have it on the AIS4 CD. I feel bad for her because her mom died when she was auditioning for Season 4.
  • She's so good

    I really liked her. She didn't derserve to be eliminated that early. It should have been someone else. she has a great voice. She is so talented.She is so pretty. She ha a great personality. She derserved to be in least the top 8. She is very very talented. I like her.
  • Sensational!!

    Jessica is an incredibly talented woman with an awesome voice!! I was at the American Idols Live show in Pittsburgh last weekend, and her voice just blew me away. I heard from someone that she was moving to Nashville... hopefully that is true, and she gets a music deal if she already doesn\'t have one. I would love to add her CD to my collection!!!
  • Jessica Sierra is a true star. An energetic, talented performer and a lovely lady. Her sultry voice will take her far. I can't wait for anything she produces to come out. Once she is free of the AI leash, there'll be no stopping her!

    While I am a registered fan of Constantines, I wanted to let her fans know that she is one heck of a lady. I love this little girls sultry voice and her spunky, happy personality. I met her in Duluth, Ga on an AI tour stop. We were there at the Marriot 4am 7/16 awaiting the buses that would bring us Constantine. She was an absolute doll with his fans, posing for pix, autographing, and clowning around with us all. I will BUY ANYTHING, this girl puts out there! She's THE true girl Idol!!
    Jess, the GGG's love YOU!