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  • WOW

    Jessica Simpson is a very great singer. I have not really heard much of her music. One of the first songs I heard by her was "Come on Over", her first song in country music. It is a great song. I am hoping to get her new album, "Do You Know." I have also heard her song, "With You". It is a great song, too. I am sorry that her marriage with Nick Lachey didn't work out. I have only heard one of his songs, I don't know which one. I've heard of Jessica's sister, Ashlee, too. I have not heard a single one of Ashlee's songs, though.
  • What the F$ck was that?

    Jessica Simpson is not nearly as good as her fans(or fan) would like to admit. She can't sing! I repeat, SHE CAN'T SING!!! I get so sick and tired of hearing people think she is so good. She is a bad singer, and an even worse actress. But she does love attention and she has made a ton of money off her dumb blonde, air-headed gimmick. Or maybe it's not a gimmick, so who knows? I am glad she has been failing in her country career because it spares everyone from actually having to pay money to hear her sing. Thank you.
  • Annoying and dumb.

    Well, well, well where should I start? When she speaks it gets on my nerves, and when she sings she gets on my nerves even more. If you think her sister, Ashlee is a bad singer, Jessica is even worse. She's also rather dumb and that gets on my nerves. Can you comprehend what I'm saying? Pretty much anything that she does, it gets on my nerves. Anyway, she didn't know why Buffalo wings were called Buffalo wings and she didn't know if Chicken of The Sea was chicken or tuna. She thought "emotionable" was a word. She claims she's not dumb but, there's no possible way for her to hide her stupidity.
  • Jessica Simpsons is a very good looking girl.

    I think Jessica Simpson is a very nice good looking girl and she wears very nice clothes. One of her songs is good but I forget what it's called now. There are some very good looking pop stars like Britney Spears, Kylie Monogue and Csacarda but Jessica Simpsons is the best. I think she would make a good girlfirend if she was yours because of her nice clothes and a bit she would smell nice like a perfume smell. So I give her a perfect 10 out of 10 which is the best rating there is. Hope she makes some more good songs!
  • jessica simpson is smart !!!

    first of all jessica simpson is one of my role models too and she is not dumb !!!! at all. i love her and shes realy pretty and creative. her and her sister ashlee and awesome singers and actresses, i wish she had a reality show ( i know there was a newlyweds, but its not on obviously because there divorsed. lol) i know alot of people think shes just some ditzy blonde but she is realy talented and if she wasnt she wouldnt be here today !!! i have all of her CDs and there all realy real realy good. i love her and you should listen to some of her music or watch some of her movies !!!
  • Stunning.

    Wow, Jessica Simpson is the hottest woman in Hollywood in my opinion. It's great that she can sing, but I feel that she tries to hard now, and when she was younger she could just let it flow and it'd be astounding. I feel bad that her and Nick split up, but I guess everything happens for a reason, and she isn't struggling over it, she's a strong person. She also has a beautiful smile, and it make me smile too. Jessica has been 'living' in my household forever, and she is a daily topic almost. Jessica is a gorgeous woman, and I can't get enough of her.
  • Jessica Simpson, age 27, started as a pop singer in the 90s, and has made many incredible albums. When she started acting, she had a small role in That 70's show and was her own show with her ex-husband, Nick Lachey. Today, she continues to star in films.

    Jessica Simpson has been one of my favorite actresses for such a long time. I like her music and I was so happy to hear that she's making movies now. I don't care what other people think she's a bad actor, I think her acting is fantastic. She deserves to be in the movies. She is so hot! I wouldn't be surprised if people faint in front of her because she has such a beautiful body that can be seen around the whole world. Oh, and I like her best with blonde hair. I have to admit that I felt sad when she and Nick split up. They could've had something special, and I know that relationships can sometimes be extremely difficult. Anyway, I can't wait to see her next film. She is a good singer, a good actress, and a very beautiful woman.
  • She's a good singer.

    I love her song With You!! I don't think she is a very good actress, she should stick to singing. She can kinda get annoying but she still is a good singer. She looked better with blonde hair though, she has like a perfume line or something and thats pretty cool, I wish I had a perfume line!! I think she get back more into the music business and out of the acting, because thats just not her thing. But yeah, With You is one of the best songs ever!!!!
  • sexy!

    Simpson was born in Abilene, Texas, the daughter of Joe Truett Simpson and Tina Drew. Simpson began singing in her church choir. At the age of 10, she sang in and won her school talent contest. In 1992, at age 12, she made an unsuccessful audition for The New Mickey Mouse Club, that also starred future pop superstars Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

    Simpson later attended J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas and was discovered singing at a church camp by a head of a small contemporary Christian record label. She recorded an album over the next three years; however, the label folded before the record could be released. She dropped out in her senior year to tour and promote her demo album, which was funded by her grandmother, Joyce (thus the reason for the name of her 2004 holiday album, Rejoyce: The Christmas Album). She later earned her GED. During this time, she also toured with the Christian Youth Conference circuit performing with Kirk Franklin, God's Property, and CeCe Winans. She and her father sold copies of the album after these performances. Tommy Mottola of Columbia Records later obtained a copy of the album and, thinking she had potential as a pop singer, signed her to a recording contract.
  • empty

    Jessica Simpson may stand for all that I hate in the music industry, but this site is about film. Judging Jessica on her acting, I have to say that she is not that bad of an actress. I thought her performance, while small, in "Employee of the Month" was quite good. However, in "The Dukes of Hazzard," she fell a little flat. Still, she is young and will probably be cast in many more films.
  • empty

    Not that bad. She is kind of cool in her way of being, and though her music is not the best, she is certainly pretty which makes her most attention above anything. I just think that she needs to find another way, like being more serious and taking movie roles seriously, instead of just sex symbol roles.
  • empty

    I like only some of her music and her acting is pretty average but her looks....! She has only been in two things which I am fond of and she was pretty average in them.
  • Well, at least she can sing.

    Okay, okay, the girl can sing. But what I don't understand is why her parents keep preaching how smart she is when all she did was show us how much of a moron she was during the taping of 'The Newlyweds'. Granted, I did get a kick out of it but not a 'I'm sure she's smart in real life' kick. The girl is a ditz, her acting isn't that great and her horrible remake of 'These boots are made for walking' was the cherry on top of what I like to call the last straw. I don't think anyone should make a remake of any song unless they plan on making it just as good or better than the original which this was not. I say, stick with what your best at...singing.
  • Very talented, yet very insecure.

    I personally think that she has an amazing voice, and an amazing vocal range. However, I do feel that she has had a drop in popularity do to insecurity. She has been trashing her x- husband, Nick Lachey, way too much. She has been dating guy to guy, when Nick has only been with one person. I think Jessica is jealous by his stability, and I don't think she conducting herself properly, or maturely, and I don't like the dumb blond act. But at the same time, I think she has been handling gossip well, and I also think she is absoloutely beautiful.
  • Jessica Simpson, what was I thinking back then?!?!?!?!

    Jessica Simpson use to be one of my favorite female singers. Why? She was modest, and had a good message for girls everywhere! Her voice was so beautiful too! But now, she's a Britney Spears clone!!!!! I can't stand her now!! She's also a horrible actress! Two movies that sucked like no other because of her!! Her voice is okay, but the way she is makes her look like Britney!! Now she's coming out with her own fashion line!!! She doesn't even do any designs for it, all she does is say yes or no!!!!! Lets face it! Jessica a slut, bad actresses, and needs to leave Hollywood for good!!!!!
  • I Used To Like Her But Thats The Past............

    I mean she is pretty don't get me wrong. Looks don't matter to me but I still just want to say this: When before her sister Ashlee got her noes job, it was ashlee who had the big nose and Jessica's nose looked normal. But now that ashlee has her nose done it makes Jessica's nose look more noticable on how big her nose it. But I personally think she has no acting skills. She's kind of annoying because she's dumb especially over that chicken of the sea thing. Speaking of sea, there are more fish in the sea to like. Because i don't think Jessica is really worth to like. She maybe pretty but thats not what matters.
  • she can act she can sing

    but she aint too clever i heard her sing and i hated the sing but shes an ok singer
    i havent saw her act coz that newlyweds show sounded boring and probablys was and i have never watched her in a movie

    anyway on that advert she was all like \\\\\\\'it .. gave .. me .. confidence\\\\\\\'
    one- she never needed confidence singing, havin her own show or actin
    two- shes one of the dullest speakest ever
    dullest as in word 2minslater word 2minslater word and so on
  • I like her, but I don;t know if she is good enough for EVERYBODY to like her. Although in my family, she is VERY underrated.

    I like her, but I don't know if she is good enough for EVERYBODY to like her. Although in my family, she is VERY underrated. I love her song A Public Affair, it just makes you wanna get up and dance, and no song is truly awesome if you can't get up and dance to it! Jessica Simpson is really pretty, and I'm glad she isn't THAT much of a stick figure. Ashlee...I don't like her as much as I used to anymore. Jessica looks much healthier now. Ashlee is anorexic! Anyway, I think Jessica Simpson is overall pretty cool.
  • I used to LOVE jessica simpson...but i'm really getting tired of her!!!

    I honestly used to love her. She was really really cute...well, she still is but her act gets old after a while. As far as i'm concerned, her fashion sense left her once nick lachey left her. I'm just so bored with her now. She's so pretty, i don't know why she's getting her lips injected and stuff. She doesn't need plastic surgery. Ashlee, that's another story. I really used to love jessica, but she's definitely changed. I don't really care for it too much!!
  • In singing and acting... she is hot and talented! Hey, that rhymes!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!100 REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jessica Simpson how could I describe her, she is one of the most sexiest women I have ever seen in my life, and I think that she is so talented, I love the song "These Boots Are Made For Walking" just by the way she dances washing the car, she moves so great and she looks so hot in almost all the photos that she has taken to herself...
    There is specially one photo that makes me actually love Jessica Simpson beyond what you could imagine, that was the photo to investigate all what I could about Jessica Simpson, buy her CD and everything, I can believe how do someone can be so naturally pretty like her, I even like her more than her sister, Ashlee.
    I can believe how hot Jessica is, she is so pretty so gorgeous so thin so talented, I can believe she has an average score of 7.9 or something like that, are you insane or what? she is very pretty, I can believe how great and how perfect she is! I wish that she take herself more photos like the one that I have seen, that is actually on my newest blog, I love Jessica! I love Jessica Simpson!
  • Has an amazing voice, too bad about the brains.

    Normally I hate brainless people - people like Paris Hilton who are famous for no reason, but I like Jessica. Although she is part of the "duh!" camp, she makes up for it with her music - and her stupid moments can be very funny.
    She has an incredible voice and produces some great songs so even though she lives up to the "dumb blonde" stereotype she has talent and has therefore worked for her fame unlike Paris Hilton who just happened to be born into the right family. I do how ever think she should stick to singing rather than acting.
  • She is ugly!

    She is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very ugly!
  • One of the hottest people ever!

    Jessica Simpson would have to be one of the best (and hottest) people ever! I loved her movie the Dukes Of Hazzard and she made that video even better. I love it when she is on TV, like when she guest starred on That 70's Show a couple years ago. She is one of the hottest actress ever.
  • Jessica is such a great person. She is really great. She's my personal favorite.

    Jessica Simpson is a 25 year old singer/actress. She is so pretty and hot! Her husband is Nick Lachey. She was Daisy Duke in Dukes of Hazzard. She is really gorgeous. She is my favorite actress. I think and know that she is so hot and pretty. I love her hair and her clothes. I loved her role in Dukes of Hazzard. I also love her songs. I love her show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. I think she is the best. I love eveything about her.
  • Just wants money.

    She has her own show, she sings songs, she has a sister who does the same thing, & i really can't stand her. She is SO spoiled. She has to have things her way or else she won't be happy. She shouldn't have been turned into a star. That was a big mistake.
  • Can't stand her and her voice!

    Jessica Simpson has a horrible singing voice. Everytime I hear her sing it seems to get worst. It's shaky and just plain bad! I have no idea how she got a recording deal. My guess is her famous husband and her god looks but it sure wasn't her voice. Her performance at he People's Choice Awards was a train wreck! Her voice was bad, her outfit trashy, and so were her dance moves. She was trying to be Gwen Stefani btw. Her husband (or ex-husband) is a great singer and so is her sister. What happened to her? Why isn't she as good as them?
  • A total bomb!

    I dont know how she got to where she is??? Wait a sec, never mind cant say it here. Saw the Dukes movie with her in it and it was a total insult to the show. Her acting stinks and so does her music. And this whole reality series she did, no wonder Nick divorced her. Maybe that was a dose of reality that she needed.
  • Jessica Simpson is one of the best singers out there.

    Jessica Simpson is one of the best singers out there. A lot of people can sing, but a lot of people can't sing like jessica simpson. She has got an amazing voice. It's so strong and she can hold her notes forever. Jessica is also a very good role model. Her younger sister ashlee is very famous too. Jessica wasn't as famous as a lot of the big singers when she came out (britney spears, christina Aguilera) but now she is just as famous. Her movie that she stared in Dukes of Hazzard was good, everyone should go see it.
  • Wanted to see her in shorts

    Wanted to see her in shorts, but then I got a closer look. Why is her smile the same in every photo? Why? does her nose look like a little boxer's that's been broken a coupla times? The drive, the ambition is hot. The rest of it is not. There are dozens of her in every mall around the country.
  • i think she is a dork a air head she is not that good looking and she has a nasty dispostion i saw her on jay leno and you could see that when no one is around she could nasty i think her sister has a better future that her

    i think she is a dork a air head she is not that good looking and she has a nasty dispostion i saw her on jay leno and you could see that when no one is around she could nasty i think her sister has a better future that her
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