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  • She has been in a lot of B-movies but...

    she is really a good actor.
  • great actress...

    Jessica Steen is a great actress and I'm amazed that she's not bigger. She played Special Agent Paula Cassidy on NCIS and she was amazing. I must say, however, I hated her character at first, but then she got better. The very last episode she was in, Grace Period, was amazing. She did a phenomial job in that show and it is one of my favorite NCIS episodes to date. I also saw Steen as Dr. Weir in one episode of Stargate SG-1 (the episode was called Lost City) and she did great as her also. I actually really was excited to see her as the leader of the Atlantis show, but they got someone else instead. I was very disappointed. She would have done a lot better job. Anyways, she's a great actress and I want to see her in other shows.
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    Sadly, the producer of stargate didn't ask her to stay and do atlantis, which is weird. She is a beautiful and talented actress and I hope we see her more in the future.