Jessica Straus

Jessica Straus


11/14/1962, Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Jessica Straus



Also Known As

Jessica Stenuis, Jessica Strauss
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Jessica Straus is a voice actress of mixed German and Finnish descent who predominantly works in the video game and animation industry.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Anime look out!

    This lady is taken over! As long as she's behind the anime character, English dub will no longer have a bad name. She does a beautiful job in all the rolls she does. Anime is her biggest venue ranging from Blue the wolf from Wolf's Rain, Tsume "claw" Inuzuka ( ninja, Kiba's mom) on Naruto to Tsubaki Oribe on Please Twins! What I find interesting is that on two top anime shows, she voices the same type of characters. On Naruto Tsume is a mother and a ninja who's name means claw and she fights with her dog. On Wolf's Rain her character Blue is a wolf who can transform into a person. Back and forth. On Wolf's Rain there is a character named Tsume. The anime Naruto also has a character with that name. The same goes for Kiba. On Naruto Tsume's son is Kiba Inuzuka and on Wolf's Rain one of the wolf's names is Kiba.moreless