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  • Adore her.

    She's actually pretty. She's not really that famous because she only had small roles on television. I also never realize it was her in the "Over You" music video by Chris Daughtry until yesterday. Her character, Vanessa, on Gossip Girl may be annoying but I won't judge her by her role on-screen. She's just doing a good job. I so adore her the fact that she can be a good actress and a model. And to me, her eye color is kind of unique. Well, to me.

    She may not be 'the glitz and the glamor' but she's cool :)
  • Jessica Szohr is up and coming actress. She is very talented and has a lot of passion.

    Jessica has just finished a movie called "The House At The End Of The Drive". She has also appeared on the Hallmark Channel original called "The Reading Room" starring James Earl Jones. And just finished a big budget horror thriller with rap star Omarion Grandbury. Lets watch this star today
  • A fairly bad actress.

    I probably dislike this actress so much because of the character that she plays, but the way that she plays it is just so unbelievably annoying. As Vanessa on Gossip Girl she manages to be pretentious, forced, annoying, boring and hypocritical all at the same time. She does nothing to make you like the character and her voice really just irks me. She is very pretty and all, but her hair needs to be tamed, it is just whack, especially when she attends events and things like that. I can't really see her going anywhere in her career if she doesn't improve in her acting.
  • ...

    She's really beautiful and she's got talent. She can act and she can do a really good modeling job. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a lot of big roles or a big screening time to appreciate her talent, but I predict that she wouldn't be one of those stars that have some good movies and TV shows and then they're gone. I would like to see her more on Gossip Girl, because she and Chace Crawford have lost their importance on the show, but I hope that it won't be that way too long. I also like her sense of fashion, at least after seeing some of her photos of her appearance at some events and parties. Like her nearly as much as Leighton Meester.