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    • Jessica: Since I started working on the show (Gossip Girl), I've become much more aware of different designers; I had no idea who anyone was. The wardrobe team is amazing, so it's been a real education.

    • Jessica: Not really a neat freak, but I like my stuff where it is, so if someone moves something, I'll be like, 'Why did you move that?'

    • Jessica: (on her personal style off the set) Jeans and T-shirts is pretty much what I like. And flip-flops.

    • Jessica: (on having feelings for a male best friend) I think all girls go through that at one time in their lives. It's never fun, but sometimes it is what it is and you have to deal with it.

    • Jessica: (on her character in "Gossip Girl") I think Vanessa holds her own and will not give into that world. She is who she is and doesn't want to change for people. I think for the character and the demographic, the younger girls who watch, I think it's great.

    • Jessica: (when asked for advise on becoming an actor at Paley Fest) I think, just watching movies and just getting to know more about the art and the craft. If it's something that you're very passionate about just go after it. I mean, we all know that this is an extremely hard profession and you're told 'no' 99% of the time so I think if you just stick it in there, like, and study, that's what I would say... (crowd starts laughing) That came out so wrong!