Jessica Tovey

Jessica Tovey


11/10/1987, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Jessica Tovey


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Besides a small guest appearance on Wicked Science, winning the role of Belle on Home and Away was Jessica Tovey's first professional television role. A talented student, she received extremely high marks in her final school exams, giving her the opportunity to study medicine and law at university.…more


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    • Jessica: (on filming scenes for "Home And Away" where she was lost in the bush) That was really fun, mostly because I hadn't really worked a lot with Chris (Hemsworth), Jodi (Gordon), Jason (Smith) or Amy (Mizzi), so it was really good getting to know them better. Being outside all day was great and some of the stuff we got to do was so cool. We were filming about the same time as the TV WEEK Logie Awards and I had to wear a long dress because I had so many cuts and bruises on my legs from falling down.

    • Jessica: (filming the storyline where her boyfriend cheated on her with her mother) Doing this storyline was really difficult for me because my real mum is so wonderful and would never do anything like that, so I found it pretty hard to imagine. I think Belle handled it the only way you could - by screaming at both of them and finding someone she trusted, Irene.

    • Jessica: (on her character in "Home And Away") I love playing Belle because she's so sassy and cheeky. I'm not much like that in real life. I was always pretty loud at school but never got into trouble and never broke the rules… well, I never got caught anyway!

    • Jessica: Working on Home and Away has been fantastic. It's something I have always wanted to do and I feel really very lucky to be here.

    • Jessica:The cast and crew are so wonderful. Everyone has been so welcoming. I especially clicked with Sharni (Vinson) from day one. Ironically Belle hates Cassie (Sharni's character) in the series.

    • Jessica Tovey on being compared to Mischa Barton: That's a pretty hard comparison to live up to and I think if you get too concerned with what people think about your body and what you have to be, then it will terribly affect your work.