Jessica Walter





1/31/1940 , Brooklyn, New York

Birth Name

Jessica Walter




Jessica Walter was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
She graduated from New York's High School of the Performing Arts and then went on to work in Broadway. On Broadway she was in productions such as Photo Finish, A Severed Head, Advise and Consent, and Rumors.

Over the years she has also been involved in many movies and television projects.

Some of her movie roles include films such as Tapeheads, Temptress, Goldengirl, and Slums of Beverly Hills.

Some of her television roles include shows such as Coach, One Life to Live, and Just Shoot Me!

She is probably best known for her role on the sitcom Arrested Development. She played the character of Lucille Bluth for three years until the shows cancellation in early 2006.