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  • In my oppion she was the colest and smartest girl that loved aninimals like I do . She was comasionent . And also was like he older sister Luci. Who was talented too

    I think of Tina as my younger sibling who I didn't know . Tina was the cutest caring and helpful and smart girl and the second girl in "Barney's BackyardGang" she also led " Their are 7 day's In Week". In Barney in concert she say's " Hi Tina&I liked to let you know it's time to get on with the show". She also help's out Barney&BabyBop and BJ she also mensioned in "I Just Love Bug's". She love'sbugs . She is also famous for "The SisterSong".
    She also is the younger sister of Luci . And is confident . Tina also leade's her firend's in " Their Are 7 Day's In A Week"in " "Happy B. Day" Barney