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Jessie Flower

Jessie Flower


8/18/1994, Southern Indiana

Birth Name

Jessica Flower



Also Known As

Jessie Flower
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Jessie Flower was born in Southern Indiana and is known for voicing Toph, from Avatar the Last Airbender. When turning 4, Jessie and her family moved to Los Angeles. By the next year, she was featured in commercials. Years later, she started to guest star in big time…more

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    • Jessie Flower: (choosing what other Avatar character she would want to voice) Sokka, because he is the joker of the show. I'd love to say his lines, and when he says them, no matter what they are, it always makes me crack up.

      Katara too, because she is a graceful Waterbender, she always makes good decisions and she has good common sense, and......... "her hair is sooo manageable!" (laughing) But...I really enjoy being Toph the most, because I am a person who can know where her surroundings are even though she is blind. She has a great personality, and she is completely cool!

    • Jessie Flower: (about her favorite scene to voice) I like arguing with Katara scenes, because I always get to raise my voice and sometimes call her names. As for instance, "Sugar Queen."

    • Jessie Flower: (on how she interprets her character on Avatar: The Last Airbender, Toph) They give me a lot of freedom. They let me try all different ways all the time, and if I don't hit something they like, then they direct me.

    • Jessie Flower: (any challenges voicing a blind character) Since it is an animated show, it's not really a challenge because she's is such a great Earthbender she can see with her feet.

    • Jessie Flower: (if I was Toph, what would I change) I would make Toph's hair brown instead of black, her dress would be dark brown and her apron would be neon green, and she would keep her hair in a ponytail instead of a bun. Also, I think Earthbending should include trees, flowers and other plants.

    • Jessie Flower: (talking about how her character Toph has evolved during the series) Well, she has become the Earthbender that she has always wanted to be. She is no longer stuck at her parent's house, and she has the freedom to do whatever she wants, and she gets to teach Aang how to Earthbend.

    • Jessie Flower: (talking about getting casted as Toph) It was really fun. I got to meet all the people who played the characters, that was really cool!

  • the grand voice of TOPH!

    she is a gorgeous and great actor, and voice actor, she do various voices for anything.She is also a broadway actress, artist, singer. She is very talented in all that she does. she has a sense of humor and is not stuck up like some other stars. She also plays the voice of Toph Beifong in avatar, who is my favorite character, and that makes jssie flower even more awsome! at such a young age, she is a fantastic! Iwonder what her future roles will brign for her, and what she will do when dhe gets older. she is plain out is awsome!moreless
  • Voice of Toph :)

    I love her voice as Toph. Shes a teen yet she sounds so young and totally cute. I see she got a main role in the emperor's new school. well, what can i say. I can see a bright future ahead of her. i hope when she grows up, she gets to fulfill her dreams and yada yada yada. trying to write more than 100 words. she is awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awsome awesome. oh and i like avatar too. she is probably well known for this role anyway. great show she picked. she got brains!moreless