Jesus Franco

Jesus Franco


Madrid, Spain

Birth Name



Also Known As

A.L. Mariaux, Roland Marceignac, Dennis Farnon, A.L. Marioux, B.F. Johnson, Chuck Evans, Raymond Dubois, Terry De Corsia, Joan Vincent, Daniel J. White, Juan G. Cabral, Clifford Brown, Clifford Brown Jr., Rosa María Almirall, Rosa Maria Almirall, Joan Almirall, Pablo Villa, Dave Tough, John O'Hara, Preston Quaid, P. Querut, Candy Coster, Betty Carter, Dan L. Simon, Dan Simon, Jean-Jacques Tarbes, Jesús Manera, Jesús Franco Manera, Marius Lesoeur, Wolfgang Frank, James Gardner, Manfred Gregor, David Khune, Jack Griffin, David Khunne, Robert Griffin, Lennie Hayden, Adolf M. Frank, Marius Lefrère, David Kuhne, David J. Khunne, David Kunne, Lulu Laverne, Lulú Laverne, Jeff Frank, D. Khunne, D. Khunne Jr., Jess Frank, Franco Manera, J. Franck Manera, Jesus Franco Manera, Jesús Franco-Manera, James P. Johnson, Jesús Franco, Jess Franco, James Lee Johnson, J.P. Johnson, David J. Khune, Frank Hollman, Frank Hollmann, A.M. Frank
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Jesus Franco was born on May 12, 1930 in Madrid, Spain. With his massive body of work (including more than 180 directing credits and no less than 153 writing credits) and odd visual style, he is widely considered one of the most unique and controversial filmmakers of European…more