Jet Li

Jet Li


4/26/1963, Heibei, Beijing, China

Birth Name

Li Lian Jie



Also Known As

Lian Jie Li, Jet Lee, Lei Lin Git, Jet Li Lianjie
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Considered to be the most popular movie star of his generation in China, Jet Li has made hits in Hollywood at the turn of the century with movies like Romeo Must Die and Lethal Weapon 4. Comparable to the talents and fame reached by fellow Asian actors Jackiemore


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    • Jet: I like to study human (character), the different colours, languages, religion and people's desires. Many want to be happy. But how much times in a day are they happy, two hours? Is that enough? They are happy for about two hours a day and the rest of the time they worry about their business and other issues. I want people to be happy all the time.

    • Jet: (prior to making "The Forbidden Kingdom") I have met Jackie Chan about 6 times up till now. And even though many people think we are natural enemies, I personally think he is a cool bloke and would honestly love to work with him in a film one time - that would a well brilliant movie!

    • Jet: You can beat me up, but don't touch my hair, I will kill you!

    • Jet: Usually action films have a formula: good guy gets in trouble, his wife dies, friends have problems, so he goes to the mountain, learns martial arts, comes back, and kills the bad guy. But on this film, we talked about a totally different angle to see my character.

    • Jet: I stepped into the martial arts movie market when I was only 16. I think I have proved my ability in this field and it won't make sense for me to continue for another five or 10 years. Huo Yuanjia is a conclusion to my life as a martial arts star.

    • Jet: So what's so special about Jet Li, then? You need to show me something. That's why I decided to make a hardcore fighting movie. More real. For real. That way I can help more people understand Jet Li's style... my martial arts style.

    • Jet: I can feel very brave through all the action scenes in front of the people who are on the set, but when a girl comes close to me my face turns red because I'm so shy.

    • Jet: We need families to start taking more responsibility in understanding which movie is good for their children and which movie is not.

    • Jet: Wushu is a move in Chinese, a physical move. An attack. Wushu is like an art.

    • Jet: You can beat me up, but don't touch my hair, I will kill you!

    • Jet: My personal philosophy stems from the deep understanding of martial arts and Chinese culture, and especially in the past eight years, the Buddhism thoughts shaped my ideology.

    • Jet: Religion and politics are different topics. In my opinion, national borders and ethnic questions are political not religious questions. The issues concerning the Chinese government and Tibet are that of an administering country managing an internal situation. I personally don't have any political opinions.

    • Jet: Nothing in this universe is permanent. If there is a beginning, then there is an end. After the end is another beginning. Life is like this. You are born, you die, and are born again and die again. This is samara. All things are in a continuous process of change, which Buddhists call impermanence.

    • Jet: When you learn something, always use the heart.

  • I love Jet Li,because of him I discovered how wonderful China can be but about his acting what can I say ?Only good things of course...

    The first movie I watched with him was Cradle2 the grave back then being more like a dmx fan and having kinda no idea who Jet Li is but after seeing his acting I sort of fall _in_love_ with his mysterious appearance always the guy who makes justice serious and a good fighter.He opened the gates to a great culture and civilization and that the most important thing for I should be thankful!

    His career is great most because of his HK movies which tell different stories about his nation ,like once upon a time in china,the wu tang master, hero etc.I'm glad after he did fearless he didn't stop there because I was a bit disappointed by that movie,I was expecting more from him but there,he played in war which was a bit better kinda approaching my standards !moreless
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    Jet Li is one of those sweet martial art cool dudes in hollywood making those cool-dude kick-peoples-butt movies like in The One, and Fearless. Jet Li is my second favorite martial arts actor.