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Ji Hyun Cha

Ji Hyun Cha

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  • Chef Ji was raised by a chef dad and trained in his kitchen. Her signature dish prepared at opening day received a coveted nod from Chef Ramsey. Strongly indicating Chef Ji's good "chef-breeding".- JoeCA90703moreless

    At the opening day of Hell's Kitchen season-5, one of those who quietly stood out was Chef Ji.

    Chef Ji was raised by a chef dad. She said she was trained in her father's kitchen. Her signature dish

    prepared during the first episode received a coveted nod from the very quality driven and demanding Chef

    Gordon Ramsey. This may very well be a good indication of Chef Ji's proper "chef-breeding".

    Chef Ji exudes the exotic, charming, strong and confident personality of a dependable kitchen workhorse and head chef. I think this personality traits I believe she possesses will keep her in good stead in working with - any cook from hell and in any kitchen from hell...JoeCA90703moreless