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    • Jill: (on auditioning for "Royal Pains") Oh, my gosh, let me tell you, it's fun, it's really fun. You know, they--you audition, you prepare, they fly you out to LA and, you know, dancing bear, [jump through] hoops. It's, it's a little nerve wracking, but the cool thing about this whole process, for me, I was lucky enough to meet Jace Alexander who directed the show and he sat me down right before I was about to go in front of the firing squad, so to speak, right. You know, you just--you're freaking out entirely and he sits you down and he just says, 'You know, just go do it. That's all you have to do, go do it and have fun doing it. You're here for a reason, we're excited to have you.' And, it was cool, because the initial meeting with him, has sort of, you know, lasted throughout this entire relationship so far, where it's, like, just do it. Have fun, enjoy it. It sort of sets you at ease, but--yeah, auditioning processes are always fun.