Jill Hennessy





11/25/1969 , Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Birth Name

Jillian Noel Hennessy




Five foot eight, Jill Hennessy was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on November 25, 1969, Only three minutes after her Twin sister Jacqueline Hennessy. (They were nicknamed Jaq & Jill) Jill and Jacqueline played twin sisters in Dead Ringers in 1988. When Jill was thirteen, her parents separated. In school, Jill won all kinds of awards, Best Music Student among them. She plays guitar and has an amazing voice. At fifteen, she began modeling in Toronto. Her grandmother would drive her all over town. Although she had considered pursuing the scholastic route like Jacq had decided to do, she knew she had to try acting or she'd regret it. So at seventeen, she moved to Toronto, choosing to by-pass Grade 13 in favor of acting. Jill is married to Paolo Mastropietro and together they have two children - Marco and Gianni.