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  • Gifted

    She is a role model to me. Strong screen presence and outstanding role player in Crossing Jordan, which I watched alot.
  • Finally. Another great Canadian actress!!!

    In my personal opinion, Jill Hennessy is an amazing person. She is great actress, she can ride motorcycles, she speaks English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, sings, plays guitar and is married with children. You have to admit that is impressive. Talk about Talented! Being a Canadian myself, I am always happy when there is another great Canadian celebrity instead of more and more Americans. Jill Hennessy is obviously a very smart women. She is even putting out her own music CD which I can't wait to hear. I loved her in Crossing Jordan. She is my favorite actress and I can't wait to see her in even more.
  • Jill Hennessy Music

    Did anyone hear about Jill's album? I went on her website (www.jillhennessy.com) and it says it will be out June 16th. I saw her play live at the Living Room in NYC -she gives a great show! Jill sings and plays guitar. Her band was really cool - she had a cello player, a guy playing accordion and piano and another on guitar. I was surprised to hear that she wrote all her own music and lyrics. It will be interesting to hear the produced tracks on her album - on her MySpace you can listen to some live performances.
  • Jill Hennessy is an amazing actress. She is absolutely stunning! I have loved her since I first saw her on the very first episode of Crossing Jordan ever and I will always love her because of the fantastic way she plays this role of Jordan Cavanaugh.

    She is a great actress. I have seen her in Law and Order and Most Wanted but nothing she could ever do could top her role as Jordan Cavanaugh in Crossing Jordan. I guess it's because she has been acting as Jordan for so long it has kind of become a part of who she is, but she its defiantly a great actress. The way she is so stubborn and obnoxious, yet gets Jordan across as also being a nice, sweet, loving person is amazing! I love her so much and I think she is the perfect actress for Jordan Cavanaugh!!!
  • Her modeling career shot her into the public eye. Then movies like Dead Ringers and Robocop 3 got her noticed. Now television shows like Law and Order and Crossing Jordan are making her famous.

    Jill’s fabulous movies include Nuremberg, Exit Wounds, Dead Ringers, Dead Broke, Love in the time of Money, Autumn in New York, Molly and more. Where did this all start? What about her family?
    Jill Hennessy has made some astounding movies but she started out as a model when she was 13 living in Toronto with her grandmother. Her and her twin sister Jackie acted in their first movie Dead Ringers with Jeremy Irons in 1988. After that she acted in numerous movies playing bit parts till she auditioned for Law and Order. Playing ADA Claire Kincaid she was finally recognized as the amazing actress she is. Now she stars as Medical Examiner Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh on NBC’s crime drama Crossing Jordan.
    She now lives in L.A. with her husband Paolo Mastropietro and her son Marco. As well as acting she also wrote and co-directed Acting Class with her sister. Now that Crossing Jordan is going into their 6th season everyone will have the opportunity to see Jill at her best. I believe that Jill could do no better and that if she could I would be simply amazed because she is so fantastic already and is better then any actress I’ve seen so far. If I could I would have given her an 11 but you know these reviews.

    Peace mans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (kiss kiss)
  • A few stages later, Mariska encounters Jill. This is the dialogue *Doink doink!*: Christopher Meloni: You dont need to go this far! Mariska Hargitay: Time to finish this. Jill Hennessy: Yeah, right, Olivia. Tekken 5 Announcer:

    This episode takes place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada between the times of 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

    Like the Irish fighting Williams sisters from the Tekken series, Nina and Anna, Mariska and Jill are competing to see who's better in this review. In this case, Mariska is the Nina while Jill/Jacqueline is the Anna of this review.

    Jill Hennessy: Looks/on-screen = (39/41), score to beat: (41/41) (Mariska wins yet AGAIN)

    (Note: She also has a twin sister, Jacqueline. It could be said in scenes where Jill isn't there, Jacqueline covers.)

    Mariska Hargitay: This is going great! Just a few more categories and I'll have this episode won!
    Chrisopher Meloni: Calm down.
    Narrator: Not so fast, Miss Mariska!

    Jill Hennessy: "Claire Kincaid" character analysis (41/41) - Perfect score, "Jordan Cavanaugh" character analysis (41/41). Score to beat: Claire and Jordan tied Olivia.

    Well, what can I say? Sorry about Claire...Jill can always come to Law & Order: SVU anytime. But she loves her Jordan Cavanaugh role, though.

    Mariska Hargitay: WHAT? He wants Jill to come to SVU?
    Christopher Meloni: No, that's not what he's saying.
    Narrator: NO! NOT YET!

    Jill Hennessy: Durability/fan base = (41/41)
    Well, what can I say? She tied Olivia, but Mariska edged her. Ouch.

    With that said...
    "Mariska Hargitay WINS!" (yet again...)

    Mariska Hargitay: That was close.
    Christopher Meloni: I was afraid this was going to happen.
    Jill Hennessy (*enraged*): WHAT?! I tied Olivia three times but STILL lost to her?
    Narrator: Actually, in my reviews, ties don't count.
    Jordan Cavanaugh: Olivia...how could you?
    Olivia Benson: You know you're always welcome to investigate over at SVU.
    Narrator: Now stay tuned for a review on Ellen Page. Will Mariska be able to hold on to her title?
  • Jill Hennessy plays Jordan on the hit NBC drama Crossing Jordan. Jordan is a sarcastic, sexy, feisty medical examiner from Boston who does whatever she has to do to get a case solved, including running from the people she loves.

    Jill Hennessy is one of my personal favorites. She brings so much depth to Jordan, it\\\'s amazing. The character comes to life. Jill makes her someone you can actually hate, or love. I haven\\\'t seen her in any movies except Autumn in New York. She has so much fire in her, you can tell it\\\'s never going to burn out. And her singing voice! When I heard her sing You\\\'re Innocent When You Dream on an episode of Jordan, my mouth hit the floor. I was amazed. I really hope she records a cd. I love how she doesnt try and change herself for anyone. She is an excellent role model. Kudos!
  • Law and Order introduced Jill Hennessy to Television Viewers. Crossing Jordan revealed and exposed more of Jill Hennessy talents if you know what I mean. A&E runs repeats of Crossing Jordan I got hooked on watching it. Its a show that I look forward of w

    Jill Hennessy has a Body of a Voluptuous Greek Goddess, Almond Eyes, and Alluring Voice. A Very Beautiful, Very Hot Woman. Jill Hennessy is from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which makes her Canadian eh. Not only is Jill Hennessy a Very Beautiful Woman, Good Actress, she also a Director
    and Writer.
  • Jill Hennessey is amongst those rare individuals who are incredibly beautiful and talented, yet are at the same time unpretentious 'real'. She portrays every role with depth and integrity and has succeeded in making the role of Jordan Cavanaugh her own.

    Jill Hennessey is amongst those rare individuals who are strikingly beautiful yet somewhat flawed; amazingly talented yet seemingly approachable and unintimidating; charismatic and intelligent yet unpretentious and 'real'.
    Her committment and personality radiate in every performance and her expressive face convey the emotions of her characters' without the need for superfluous dialogue. Her role on "Crossing Jordan" is powerful and complex as she portrays such an emotionally unbalanced character with such depth and integrity. Hennessey has succeeded in making the character of Dr Jordan Cavanaugh her own and definitely one of the more well rounded female characters seen on television today. The character is at once brusque yet likeable; self-righteous yet respected; strong yet so intensely vulnerable that she is left teetering on an emotional precipice whose very structure threatens to collapse at any moment.
  • Jill Hennessy brings light to a whole new concept of acting......be yourself.

    Jill Hennessy is by far one of the most talented actresses I have ever set my eyes upon. She has an incredible charisma, which is so apparent in every role she portrays. She has a wonderful personality and is a true joy to watch. My most favorite of her roles is her current one, as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh on NBC's "Crossing Jordan". The character that she has construed is so ingenious; she holds this character's thoughts, feelings and insights in the palm of her hand and has melded them into one of the greatest and most multifaceted characters on television today. She brings a certain something to the occasion that very few actresses today could even hope of possessing...a true realness, that is so approachable and yet is so elusive, one could not articulate it with mere words.