Jill Larson

Jill Larson


10/7/1947, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Jill Larson


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Jill Larson took over the role of Opal Gardner Purdy Cortlandt in 1989, a role originally played by Dorothy Lyman (who, by the way, went to the same high school as Jill, in Minnesota). Jill is a graduate of Hunter College. She lived in Paris for a time,…more


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  • Great actress.

    Loved her character on AMC.
  • Jill Larson is one of the extraordinary television personalities who can play stage, film and television with equal integrity and excellence.

    The most recent on stage performance I have seen from Jill Larson was a fabulous production of The Seagull in which Ms. Larson played Arkadina to James Hallett's Trigorin. Jill Larson (who plays Opal on ABC-TV's soap opera, All My Children) was amazing as Arkadina. The duo of Hallett and Larson were the most hilarious and moving Trigorin/Arkadina duo I have seen on the NY Stage.

    From her website: Jill Larson joined the cast of All My Children as wild, wacky and flamboyant Opal Gardner Purdy Cortlandt in 1989. Her performance earned her two daytime Emmy Award nominations (1991 and 1993) as Outstanding Supporting Actress.

    Emmy Award-nominated stage, film and television actress Jill Larson grew up in Minnesota, with her three sisters, their aerospace engineer father and interior decorator mother; along with the ever-colorful and entertaining anecdotes of their grandfather who, among his many professions, was a carnival barker, volunteer fireman and horse wrangler.

    Ms. Larson's passion for acting became apparent quite early in life. As a child, she performed in the living rooms and basements of friends, family and neighbors and was soon landing roles in summer stock theater productions. She then started to produce her own plays and began working professionally at the world-renowned Children's Theater Company, where she was one of only two children among its founding members. During her five years with the company, she recalls one of her fondest memories as being at an appearance on a talk show (promoting a play) where she met Tony Bennett and sat on his lap.