Jill Marie Jones

Jill Marie Jones


Dallas, Texas, USA

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Jill Marie Jones


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JILL MARIE JONES (Toni Childs) Jill Marie Jones portrays Toni Childs, the self-involved girlfriend who is struggling to keep her marriage together, in UPN's comedy GIRLFRIENDS. Born and raised in Dallas, Jones always knew she wanted to be an actress. After attending Duncanville High School and Texas Women's…more


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  • Lovely women with a lot of talent

    As Toni Childs, JMJ was the quintessential b*tch that I loved to hate. She broight a lot of pizazz and authenticity to the role and the show. I've seen a few other things that she's been in and I am impressed that Toni, I'm sorry, Jill is continuing to bring her own essence to the roles she does. Although I can't say I understand or agree with her choice to leave a hit show, she has the ability and the poise to go in a lot of different directions. It is obvious that she has the ability to carry a show, since GF has never been near the same since she left.moreless
  • I can not review Jill Marie Jones as a person because I have yet to see an indepth interview done of her. From what I see she is good at what she do! I can not wait to see what else she can do as an actress. She can be much bigger than \'Toni Childs.\'moreless

    People that are making comments of her based on a character she played is silly! That is not who she, that is a character she play! She did an extremely good job at playing Toni Childs. There are people that is self-absorbed, self-centered, superifical, and materialistic everyday, just like how her character is portrayed. Girlfriends was a believable show to some aspect!