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  • Lovely women with a lot of talent

    As Toni Childs, JMJ was the quintessential b*tch that I loved to hate. She broight a lot of pizazz and authenticity to the role and the show. I've seen a few other things that she's been in and I am impressed that Toni, I'm sorry, Jill is continuing to bring her own essence to the roles she does. Although I can't say I understand or agree with her choice to leave a hit show, she has the ability and the poise to go in a lot of different directions. It is obvious that she has the ability to carry a show, since GF has never been near the same since she left.
  • I can not review Jill Marie Jones as a person because I have yet to see an indepth interview done of her. From what I see she is good at what she do! I can not wait to see what else she can do as an actress. She can be much bigger than \'Toni Childs.\'

    People that are making comments of her based on a character she played is silly! That is not who she, that is a character she play! She did an extremely good job at playing Toni Childs. There are people that is self-absorbed, self-centered, superifical, and materialistic everyday, just like how her character is portrayed. Girlfriends was a believable show to some aspect!
  • Toni Childs!

    As an avid fan of Girlfriends, I am shocked to see that Toni Childs is no longer on the show.

    She was the spark of the show and along with her departure, went the interest for me. If anyone should have left, it should have been Lynn with her old, played out homeless role. It's boring and not interesting.

    I'll be surprised if this show survives another season. Seems like it's pulling at straws to keep it going. Best way to revive it is to bring Toni back. She's funny, interesting and the best actress on the show in my opinion. Come on producer's...Your show is great...Even better with Toni!!
  • Truly beautiful and in person the total opposite of the character she plays.

    I absolutely love Jill Marie Jones. Not only is she talented, but she's intelligent, funny and really down to earth. I had the priviledge of meeting her in person and she is the total opposite of what she play on television. This woman is no way a self-indulged brat. On the contrary she is someone who can make anyone love her once they get the chance to really see her be herself. Her character (Toni), although funny is nothing like the real thing. She is truly a talented person. It is amazing to see how she can change to become this self-loving person, and then at the end of the day, the real her is shown and you see that she and her character are nothing alike. I would love for the writers to show her character in a light more like her own. Simply put she's a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit. Her character may be the bomb, though very flawed, but JMJ is the real "bomb". Without all the flaws she potrays on tv.
  • she has changed for the better

    she has changed how dare people say that she's still the same. even though in the show she's really self centered she has changed now that she and Todd have a baby together. Toni has become a good mother and she is making good decisions. Jill is a really good actress and i cant wait to see her on movies because i know she will be a foce to be reckoned with.
  • I would have been nice to see the character grow up. After all these years its still the same.

    I would have liked to see more of the Toni in the 3rd season. You saw a human being more than anything. But the character has regressed so much. She is just as selfish & unconcerned about things as always. This is the last person that should have had a baby.
  • This character had more charm in the third season when there appeared to be some growth. Being self centered all the time is nerve grating.

    I would like to see this character take some responsibility. This I thought would happen during the course of her marriage unfortunately she was allowed to sabotage it also. Being selfish and only concerned about yourself is a bad habit that should have been in the process of being broken at least somewhat. The problem is that she'll advance a mile and get set back into the next city. This character is more than a little flawed to put it lightly.
  • Does a job at being the self-serving,all about me character. Hopefully she will be allowed to grow up some. This can still be done and the character still be hilarious. We saw some growth in the 3rd season but it was down hill fast from there.

    It would nice to sometimes see something other from this character then their express concern for no one but themselves. It would be refreshing to see some real talent which I\'m sure she capable of. Hopefully during this season we will see this individual grow as a person. It is possible to grow as a person and still be gut busting funny. She is the only one of the group that is not divisfied you know that the self serving attitude and dis-regard for others is going to jump out at you big time. It would be nice to see some growth which I know is just waiting to get out.
  • Jill is not only a beautiful black woman she's very talented and show have her own show.

    She's the BOMB with a big BANG! She plays her part well in "Girlfriends". She's confident, very funny, out spoken and conceited in a positive way. I would love to see her career take off in the near future.
    I thing Jill would be great with her own show playing the part of of a woman trying to adapt from being a successful woman to being a wife and mom. That would be hilarious!
    Good luck Jill. You are the bomb Sis.
  • she can really act.

    she can really act.
    I enjoy seeing her play Toni on Girlfriends.
    Her character Toni is one of a kind.
    She can in as a beginner is now a pro.
    Toni is a character who can be stylish and sets standards for what she want in a man.
    Jill Marie Jones has great skills.