Jill Talley

Jill Talley


12/19/1962, Chicago, Illinois

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Jill Talley


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Jill Talley is a voice actress who is usually known to appear in the Mr. Show series in HBO and she's married to voice actor Tom Kenny. Her acting career started out at the famed Second City Main Stage in Chicago. She is also a voice actress, in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • She's all cool and magical....

    Jill Talley is an amazing voice actress who needs more credit then what she's getting. Her voices on Camp Lazlo though only small parts are great. I just love Nina Neckly and it's just because of her wonderfully nerdy voice. I also love her voice for Gretchen. It's just so funny. She's way better than Tara Strong and should be more popular than Tara Strong because her voices are more original and magical. I also love the random character she played on one episode of Rocko's Modern Life. Nosey was awsome because of how great her voice was. Jill Talley needs to be a main character in some show because she's really really really really talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • She does many great voices, and yet, not many know her. That's sad...

    I know for sure that the voices she has done are incredible! Very nice voice, for many roles she does. She has different ways to say them. For example, Karen from Spongebob seems to be a great voice. On Camp Lazlo, she knows very well how to change them. From a bit nerdy female voice to mean and grumpy to even rough and tough! She does many great ways to make her voice into multi-personalities.moreless