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    • Jillian: I think, being an actor, it's just a relief every time you get a part.

    • Jillian: (on her character in "Two Guys and a Girl") She thinks she's absolutely the norm, and it's very fun to play someone who knows no better. Irene is never mean, so her humor is in her freakish nature as opposed to putting down someone else, and I love that.

    • Jillian: (on her admiration for the actor after having worked with him on an episode of "The X-Files") David Duchovny is a dream; a dreamboat and a dream. He was so kind... He held my hand after we were done shooting and told me I did great. He's so good at what he does.

    • Jillian: (on meeting big name stars in an interview on February 2001) I wish I was cooler. I don't court fame; I'm too shy... Call me in five years. Then we'll see who I'm hanging out with.

    • Jillian: (on the difference between her and her character in "Two Guys and a Girl") She's the most giving, lovely creature, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. I'm much more guarded than she is.

    • Jillian: (on doing "Two Guys and a Girl") The challenging thing is that we go home after doing the run-through and the writers stay there working, so sometimes I get script changes delivered to me at midnight. It's constantly shifting.

    • Jillian: (on the cast of "Two Guys and a Girl") We make a really good family. We all want the show to be successful because the viewership is not that high, unfortunately. We're just there to have fun with each other.

    • Jillian: Long-term is so dangerous for me personally. I'm very happy doing TV. When and if I have a family, the hours are perfect, but my roots are in theater.

    • Jillian: (on filming "Two Guys and a Girl") The director doesn't have a lot of power, which is the most fascinating thing to me. At the end of the day, the director only yells, "Action!" If they're good and well-respected, they have more power.

    • Jillian: (advice to students who wish to pursue acting) My personal advice is to go to school first and get a liberal arts education, and then if you want to pursue acting, go to graduate school.

    • Jillian: TV is so seductive with a great workday. You're going to work and making people laugh, and that's fantastic.

    • Jillian: (on filming "Two Guys and a Girl") We film in front of a live audience, and I was a theater actor before I got into television, so I like that.