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Jillian Barberie Reynolds

Jillian Barberie Reynolds


Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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Also Known As

Jillian Warry, Jillian Barbarie, Jillian Reynolds, Jillian Barerie, Jillian Barberie Reynolds, Jilian Reynolds
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Jillian Barberie provided the latest weather forecasts for Fox 11 Morning News and Good Day L.A., seen weekdays on KTTV Fox 11 in Los Angeles. Barberie joined GDLA in June of 1995. She had previously reported the weather weeknights for the Emmy-winning Fox 11 10 O'Clock News. Barberie…more


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  • I love Jillian Barberie Reynolds. I found an awesome fan site with lots of pics, articles, and videos here: jillianbarberie.org

    I love Jillian Barberie Reynolds. I first saw her ages ago as the host of a dating show...mmm...don't remember the name exactly. I think she's doing a lot better these days with her different gigs on TV. I thought I'd share that I found an awesome fan site with lots of pics, articles, and videos here: jillianbarberie.org You can also see how great she looks after losing all that weight by using Nutrisystem. Now that she's having a second baby I predict she will use Nutrisystem again to get her weight and figure back to normal again. Keep up the good work Jillian!moreless
  • Our family has been watching you on the news since day one and everyone has always committed on how cool you are.

    Jillian you are loved. Congratulations on marriage and upcoming baby. Can you pleeeeez tone down the eye makeup it is so not cool and everyone knows you are cool it is messing up your image of knowing what is in.You have been a trend setter in the past. The racoon look is just so not you. Hope you don't take this as anything more than construtive critisism. Pregnancy has us girls hormones doing all kind of things but they are positive let your natural beauty glow and flow.moreless