Jillian Barberie Reynolds





Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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Jillian Barberie provided the latest weather forecasts for Fox 11 Morning News and Good Day L.A., seen weekdays on KTTV Fox 11 in Los Angeles. Barberie joined GDLA in June of 1995. She had previously reported the weather weeknights for the Emmy-winning Fox 11 10 O'Clock News. Barberie joined Fox 11 in October 1993. She provided live reports for Fox Overtime, Fox 11's post-game show that followed the 1995 and 1996 NFL games. Barberie's talent beyond GDLA earned her special appearances on various tv shows. She appeared on Pamela Anderson's V.I.P. as news reporter "Foxy Levin", hint KTTV. In June 2000, Barberie was a guest host on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. In September 2000, she joined Terry Bradshaw, James brown, and Howie Long providing the weather forecasts on The NFL Pregame Show. Before joining FOX 11, Jillian worked for WSVN, the Fox station in Miami, Florida, where she had worked since February 1992 as weeknight weathercaster. During 1992's devastating Hurricane Andrew, she provided live reports on the disaster 48 hours straight. Prior to WSVN, Barberie worked for Canada's Weather Network as their weeknight weathercaster from September 1990 to February 1992. While there, she filed reports on environmental issues and concerns. Jillian graduated from Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with a broadcast journalism degree. In January 2002, Jillian hosted her own dating show EX-treme Dating, which had a good two-year run. In 2001, following the success of KTTV's Good Day L.A., Fox devoted a third hour, deemed Good Day Live, the nationally syndicated version. In 2004, Twentieth Television fired Jillian Barberie, and soon after that the second of the three origianl hosts, Dorothy Lucey was also fired. Fox tried to revive the show with Steve Edwards remaining, and adding two new hosts, however, the shows' ratings declined and Good Day Live was finally cancelled in 2005.