Jim Bakker

Jim Bakker


1/2/1940, Muskegon, Michigan U.S.A.

Birth Name

James Orson Bakker



Also Known As

James Orson Bakker
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Why isn't he still in jail?

    Jim Bakker did a long stint in prison for mail fraud, stemming from his deceptive empire back in the 1980s which bilked old ladies out of their food money and spent it on things like air conditioned dog houses. Bakker had promised to help the poor and things like that. Oh well. Should try and tell the truth next time...

    A number of years ago, he got out of jail, and has returned to television with a new show that may be cheaper than the old one, but is no less tacky and off the wall. Now he's selling doomsday backpacks, which are full of supplies that are supposed to help you in case of some bizarre emergency. You can find the same things in any sporting goods store, for much less.

    Sadly, he went from one of the few t.v. preachers to have at least minimal philosophical bright spots such as acceptance of gay people, to a the-world-is-ending crank who has the same hokey book-plugging guests as anyone else. His show is on in almost constant loops-- at any time you flip past, chances are, he's on-- and he's always selling something. How about, I don't know, talking about forgiveness and compassion? Urging people to do some volunteering? Isn't some of this supposed to be important? People seem to have forgotten how bad the televangelist movement was. They may need a refresher course.moreless