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    • Some of Jim's goals for Code 3 are to increase Code 3's influence in the area of animal rescue for disasters both on the local and the national levels.

    • The show, "King of the Jungle"(2003), which was hosted by the Animal Planet network's popular wildlife expert Jeff Corwin, was part "Survivor" and part "Wild Kingdom," testing the competitors' animal knowledge, on-screen presence, physical ability and capability to work under extreme pressure. At the end of each episode, a panel of expert judges, including Nigel Marven, Stan Brock and Jim Boller, voted out one contestant until only the "king" remained.

    • In 2005, Animal Cops Houston won the Genesis Award in the reality programming category.

  • Quotes

    • Jim Boller: There is a tight correlation with animal abuse, child abuse, and other violence.

    • Jim Boller: It's heartwarming and powerful to reunite traumatized animals with their owners. After their lives have been blown apart, pets are often the only thing these people have left in the world.

    • Jim Boller: Under a felony charge for animal cruelty, punishment can range from 180 days to two years in state jail and up to a $10,000 fine per count.

    • Jim Boller: A lot of it is ego, these individuals don't want to admit they have gotten in over their heads, and they are not going to ask for help.

    • Jim Boller : I think the greatest tool that we have to promote change is education, of which we do very much. Notably, this education is not just limited to animal owners. We also educate others in the animal welfare industry, law enforcement agencies and those in the judicial system. This helps to ensure that, when animal abusers are charged, the case does not fall through holes in the system due to a lack of complete understanding of animal welfare laws. It is important for everyone to realize that animal cruelty affects not only animals, but humans as well.

    • Jim Boller : The biggest challenge I find with cruelty investigations is remaining objective. Many of the people that we deal with are natve about proper animal care and it is challenging to educate them as to what is reasonable under the law in Texas. It also can be challenging dealing with those reporting alleged cases of animal cruelty, because sometimes they do not understand why we can't change a situation. For example, there are many times we might find that the animal is not being properly cared for, but the state standard is being met; therefore, legally, no change can be required. Animal related issues are very emotional ones. In order to be effective at what we do we must look at the situation based on what the law allows versus what our personal opinion is.