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    • Jim is known for his low-slung eyelids, blood shot eyes, and smoker's laugh, that make people think that he is under the influence all of the time.

    • Jim co-hosted the High Times magazine 'Stony Awards' with Snoop Dogg in 2002.

    • Jim is working on a sketch comedy pilot for Comedy Central as of 2006, and says that he doesn't miss Saturday Night Live too much, he prefers his live solo performances.

    • Jim has been on the air at Sirius Satellite Radio, doing the 'Raw Dog Channel' comedy shows since 2000.

    • Jim was booed off of the stage in August 2003 at the University of Washington Seattle campus freshman orientation ceremony. The audience believed that he was under the influence of drugs & alcohol, when his routine took a off-colr turn.

    • Jim is #91 on Comedy Central's list of '100 Greatest Stand-up Comedians of All-Time'.

    • Jim credits XM radio host Ron Bennington of the 'Ron & Fez Show' for helping get his career started.

    • Jim appeared in a commercial for Right Guard Extreme in 2003.

    • Jim performed on Chris Rock's comedy album, Roll with the New in 2000.

    • Jim started his 'Heavy Metal' comedy tour on December 9th, 2000. Playing to standing-room only crowds at New York City's Irving Plaza. The 'Breu Crue' are his backing band, and they compliment each of his routines. The tour's motto is: 'You rock hard, and laugh harder'.

    • Jim was originally cast opposite comedian Dave Chappelle in the ABC television sitcom Buddies in 1995, but he dropped out after the pilot was filmed.

    • Jim tried his first attempt at a television role in 1995, when he starred in the ill-fated ABC pilot Clerks, based on Kevin Smith's independant film.

    • Jim's second role on the big screen put him back to work with ex-fellow Saturday Night Live actors, Ana Gasteyer and Will Ferrell in the Watergate-era Dick in 1999. He played White House counsel John Dean.

    • Jim was offered his first film role in 1997, in the stoner-comedy Half-Baked. Despite the limitations of the role, he won praise for giving a believable impression of someone that is stoned.

    • Jim headlined his own comedy special Pulp Comics: Jim Breuer on Comedy Central, in 1997. They then asked him to host Premium Blend in 1998, the year that he decided to leave Saturday Night Live.

    • Jim is best known for his sketches as his original character 'Goat Boy' & a dead-on impression of tough guy Joe Pesci, in the recurring 'Joe Pesci Show' skit.

    • Jim spent two seasons on Uptown Comedy Club, before joining NBC's Saturday Night Live in 1995. He is one of the few actors/comedians that Lorne Michaels has hired outside of the performance troupe 'The Groundlings'.

    • Jim landed a role on the nationally syndicated show Uptown Comedy Club, after just seven months in New York City comedy clubs.

    • Jim worked in comedy clubs around the country for a few years before deciding he wanted to make it on the New York City comedy club circuit.

    • Jim has been a stand-up comedian since his college days, entertaining people in the dorms, classes, and parties.

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