Jim Cantore





2/16/1964 , White River Junction, Vermont

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Jim Cantore was born in White River Junction, Vermont, Cantore graduated from Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, Vermont. Jim got his first job from The Weather Channel out of college. In July 1986, he first appeared on The Weather Channel.
Cantore currently narrates the show Storm Stories, on The Weather Channel. He is also on The Weather Channel as their Storm Tracker and on Evening Edition.
In 2005, Cantore was a keynote speaker for the American Red Cross National Convention, held in San Francisco, highlighting his experiences during the 2004 hurricane season and encouraging preparedness for the coming year.
When Jim Cantore shows up, you know the weather is going to get interesting. Jim's passion for field reporting during extreme weather events is well known. No matter the weather event from an ice storm, to tornado chasing or a category 5 hurricane, there is no place Jim would rather be than right in the "eye of the storm."