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  • One of my all-time favorite Cartoon voice actors!

    Jim Cummings does alot of good voices! First off, he does a very good mimic of Sterling Holloway's voice for Winnie the Pooh and then he also does a very good job mimicing Paul Winchell's Tigger voice. I think his voice really suits Darkwing Duck and Monty in 'Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers' well too and his voice for Robotnik in 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (or as many Sonic fans call it, SatAM) is very good, it fits his personality since it sounds dark. I think his funniest voices are the one he does for Proffesor Norton Nimbul in 'Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers' and the voice he does for Bonkers, it helps make the charactors hilarious. He also does a good evil voice for Fat Cat in 'Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers' aswell. He does very well in mainly Disney shows and movies.