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  • Wonderfully gifted actor

    This actor is horribly under-represented. He was a key figure in making Disney what it is today with his work as Winnie the Pooh and more recently Tigger as well. You see his influence every day on TV. You cannot even be a true video gamer and not heard his influence, though you may not have known it was him. His work in the Baldur's Gate series most notably as Minsc is legendary (Go for the eyes Boo, go for the EYES!). But try to find his name in credits on Baldur's Gate, it's there but oscure just like most of his work outside of Winnie the Pooh. This guy is such an enigma, I spent 4 hours today searching on the net for a picture of the guy with no luck. Reminds me of another voice actor enigma, the late Bill Scott(Bullwinkle) - historic but unknown.