Jim Duggan

Jim Duggan


1/14/1954, Glens Falls, New York, USA

Birth Name

James Duggan



Also Known As

Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Big Jim Duggan, 'King' Duggan, The Convict, Jim Dugan, James Duggan, The Janitor
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James (Jim) Duggan is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling in the WWE on a Legends contract.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 1977 Hacksaw was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons football team. A surgery kept him from active play and he was released from the squad.

    • Hacksaw was the first person to win a state wrestling championship for his school.

    • While competing in track at the high school level Hacksaw set the record for Glens Falls High Shot-put in 1973. He achieved a distance of 56 feet 8 inches and as of 2004 the record still had not been beaten.

    • Hacksaw attended Glens Falls High School in New York. He excelled in athletics during his high school career, receiving 10 varsity letters. He achieved 4 in football, 3 in track, 2 in wrestling, and 1 in basketball.

    • In 1988 Hacksaw was the winner of the first WWF Royal Rumble.

    • Hacksaw is known for his patriotism in the wrestling ring and routinely brings a flag with him as he enters the ring.

    • Hacksaw was trained by Fritz Von Erich, patriarch of the famous Von Erich clan of wrestlers that included all his sons. Hacksaw grew up with the brothers (David, Kevin, Jack, Kerry, Mike and Chris) and was devastated by all the deaths in the family.

    • Hacksaw has survived kidney cancer.

    • Hacksaw is known for his trademark "Ho!!!" That he still uses today.

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