Jim Edmonds

Jim Edmonds


6/27/1970, Fullerton,California

Birth Name

James Patrick Edmonds


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Jim Edmonds is a seven-time Gold Glove winner. Teams played for: Anaheim Angels {September,1993-March 23, 2000), St. Louis Cardinals {March 23, 2000-present}. Position played: Center field. Height: 6'1", Weight: 212.


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    • Edmonds (On his coach Tony LaRussa): I don't know if too many guys really understand it. The two guys ahead of him obviously managed for a long time, so it's a nice milestone. Hopefully he can manage five or six more years and get to be second. I don't think anybody's going to catch Connie Mack.

    • Edmonds: I'm going to be stubborn and stay on the ball. I was more of a pull hitter. It's not the way I had approached things in the first 10 years, so I don't know why in my 11th and 12th years I started changing. ... Not this spring.

    • Edmonds: I'm just going to do what I used to do, whatever was natural. I know what I'm capable of, and that's what I'm looking for.

    • Edmonds: I wouldn't want to sit in the training room all day and make those guys work when they've got 50 guys in there. If I can go out there and play with a little bit of pain, I can stay out of the training room.

    • Edmonds: It eases the attitude of the team when you know the whole staff can grind out nine innings and they're going to give us a chance to win. It improves the attitude of our team and it improves the effort of our team.

    • Edmonds (On Scott Rolen): A total professional who everybody respects. No matter what happens, he never complains. He's a competitor. He's the kind of guy you want on your team.

    • Edmonds: It's difficult for anybody to deal with all that stuff, all that negativity. There's no telling how different guys are gonna react.

    • Edmonds (On Scott Rolen): Because he's a good player - he's got great defense, a good arm, runs the bases well and just plays it right.

    • Edmonds: I never thought I'd be here, so it's kind of special in my own little way. When you come up playing in this game, you don't really know what you're in for, so you're fortunate to have a career like I've had. I never thought I'd be where I'm at. It's a nice milestone for me. I really never thought I'd get this far. It's nice.

    • Edmonds: It's nice to be home. It's been a long six weeks in spring training and then start off on the road. It's a beautiful place and I'm glad we could pull out a win for everybody

    • Edmonds: I was trying to figure out where the balls and strikes and the outs are posted today. Those are things you get comfortable with as a player. When you have to start looking for them all over again, it takes some adjusting.

    • Edmonds: The ball carried good to left field early in the day and I think the wind shifted. It's just going to be one of those things where you have to wait and see. But it was a perfect day, you can't ask for anything more.

    • Edmonds: I hit some balls in batting practice that I thought would be homers and they weren't. Then I hit a couple balls I didn't think were and they ended up in the seats.

    • Edmonds: Our fans are the biggest key for us, that's where we get our energy from. Really the ballpark is just secondary right now for us, it's the fans that make a difference.

    • Edmonds: There's a new stadium, but it's the fans who make this place special. It's hard to describe. Day in, day out they come here and people are cheering. You get used to playing on the field but you never get tired of hearing them in the stands.

    • Edmonds: We've got a lot of things working for us right now. We came up short in Chicago, but we played well two of the three games. We could easily be 6-1 and not 4-3. We'll take what we've got and work with it.

    • Edmonds (On Albert Pujols): He's been rock-solid. He's been steady, solid and strong and he's been swinging the bat good. He's been picking me up a lot lately.

    • Edmonds: Our fans are the biggest key for us. That's how we get our energy.

    • Edmonds (On stealing home plate): I just saw him kick it one time and I thought, well, they're going to be more concentrating on trying to get the guy at the plate. I just kept running.

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