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  • He is a very charismatic actor. Goodlooking but not to goodlooking.

    A few weeks ago I was surfing through the TV channels cause there was nothing else to do, when I stummbled upon a movie that was no CBS called the Code Conspiracy. It was intriguing. The movie was about a man that had a hasidic jewish friend that had been studying the torahs. The hasidic jewish man then becomes the focus of the FBI and eventually they kill him. Then this actor Jim Fitzpatrick comes into the movie and wow, I was impressed by his charisma and energy. He is a very handsome man. Not too cute though, manly, if I had to choose one description. So Jim becomes the focus of the FBI and they chase him for the information his friend left him on a DVD.

    All in all, I felt the movie was well made, but if not for Jim, the movie would have been average. He is a very believable actor. And he seemed very much at home in role.