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  • What a brilliant, clever, imaginative, humorous, creative man.

    Jim Henson really does deserve all the superlatives you can think of. He loved life and his enthusiasm and great sense of humour was show repeatedly in the sketches he did with his adorable Muppets.

    The previous review, by Mighty Elroy, is an excellent recap of Jim's achievements. If you would like to know more, go to www.muppetcentral.com. They have some excellent articles and tributes to this wonderful man. Time Magazine named him as one of the top twenty artists and entertainers of the 20th Century. Jim also made a TV show called "Jim Henson presents The World of Puppetry" which was a fascinating documentary, showing different types of puppets and how much prcatice and skill is required to work with them.

    I was absolutely shattered when he died and just kept saying over and over, what a tragic loss to the entertainment/TV world. I am glad his family and friends were able to continue what he started because as long as "Muppets" are around, Jim Henson will never be forgotten.