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  • One of the best childrens' show producers you'll ever hear about.

    Jim Jinkins created shows that I enjoyed as I grew up and still enjoy to this day. Two of those shows include "PB&J Otter" and "101 Dalmatians - The Series." Those shows he made stand out from the other shows in this genre. I don't know how to say it, but these shows are masterpieces.

    Every show of his is positive in almost every way. If there are any possible negatives, those negatives are very small. But let's not even think about the few negatives. Let's focus on the positives:

    The shows Jim Jinkins made that I tend to watch all have one thing in common: Awesome writing, entertainment good enough for the whole family, and just that old-school feeling that feels so good.

    Jim Jinkins and I both have one thing in common, too. We both enjoy drawing and we get our story ideas from our own life experiences. There are so many ways in which I can relate to him.

    All in all, Jim Jinkins is a pretty awesome man. He can teach you anything in a fun, easy, and entertaining way. Even those shows of his which aren't educational still show that awesomeness that Jim really is.

    Final person grade: A+
  • hes the creater of doug what a brilliant creator i cant beleive he has no reviews or ratings but im giving him one amazing isnt it so i wonder why did he sell doug to disney why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he shoud have never done that ever

    so i wonder why nick is so stupid to remove his masterpiese from the nicktoons network ever and put on my dad the rockstar and marton mystery because there not nicktoons nick beter not remove another great show from their network or ill scream really loud i wish this guy could have been a bigger star that would be better but for some d@mn reason hes not maybe beacause hes either shy or hates being seen but i dont know but this dont matter beacause well i coud have said childhood favorite but didnt so gave this guy a ten