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  • The original Monster Rain.

    Li'l Jimmy Norton is truly living the American Dream. After stuggling through years of childhood abuse at the hands of Monster Rain, then barely escaping a life in the whigger gang culture, then finally overcoming his personal predilictions for "ladies of the evening" (well, two out of three isn't bad) he has managed to appear on the Tonight Show numerous times, star in the motion picture Spider-Man, have a recurring role on the Opie and Anthony radio show, and now is set to leap to a television sictom as the creepy neighbour in Lucky Louie.

    Li'l Jimmy can often be found cruising the streets in his Caddy looking for transgendered hookers or browsking Craigslist at 2 AM.

    He was unfortunatley diagnosed with the HIV early in 2006, but is confident that full-blown AIDS will not follow as it can't happen to him. Unlike so many other stand-up comics whose comedy starts to suffer once diagnosed with the mother of all STD's, (see Rich Vos) he has maintained his dignity and clarity of purpose.