Jim Norton (II)


Jim Norton (II) Trivia


  • Trivia

    • His HBO special Monster Rain premiered on October 13, 2007.

    • Jim drove a forklift at a warehouse, while at night he would go to open mic nights.

    • Jim went into rehab at the age of 18, for alcohol and drug abuse.

    • Jim attempted suicide when was 18, by cutting his wrist. He says it wasn't a real suicide attempt, but more of a an attention seeking action.

    • Jim knew at the age of 12 he wanted to become a stand-up comedian, after seeing Richard Pryor.

    • Jim had plans to have Kate Beckinsale to see him perform his stand-up act while she was in New York. While being in New York City to promote the film Click, she was invited to see him, she accepted, but failed to show up to see his act.

    • Jim beat out fellow comedians Steve Sweeny and Fred Stoller for the role of Rich on the short lived HBO sitcom Lucky Louie.

    • Jim appeared in the first Spider-Man film as "Surly Truck Driver". He insists that it's the turning point of the film.

    • Jim had some of his poetry read on The Opie & Anthony Show by director Kevin Smith.

    • Jim qualified for the second season of Last Comic Standing, but his contractual obligations with MTV prevented him from being on the show.

    • Jim often talks about a dream he had as a child involving the members of the band KISS beating him up, throwing him down stairs, and then comforting him afterwards.

    • Jim's appendix burst when he was 7, and he often talks about his appendix scar.

    • Jim voiced the character of Officer Morrison in the video game Bully.

    • Jim is obsessed with getting his picture taken with celebrities.

    • Jim was Rich Vos' best man when he married Bonnie McFarlane.

    • Jim was voted Best Comedian in 2004 by Cringe Humor.

    • Jim was arrested in December of 2000 along with Lewis Black, for the "Voyeur Bus" stunt on The Opie & Anthony Show.

    • Jim broke into stand-up with fellow comedian Jim Florentine.

    • Jim's comedic influences were Richard Pryor and George Carlin.

    • Jim has several characters on The Opie & Anthony Show, among them are: Frank the Frowner, Steve from Yellowstone, Boardroom Jim, and Uncle Paul.

    • Jim Norton has two comedy albums out entitled Yellow Discipline and Trinkets I Own Made From Gorilla Hands. He performs his self-deprecating brand of live stand up to sold out clubs.

    • Jim Norton is heard Monday through Friday on The Opie & Anthony Show, which is heard on XM Satellite Radio Channel 202 and is syndicated on terrestrial radio.

    • He enjoyed playing the game, "Monster Rain", as a child.

    • Jim is a regular cast member of the Opie & Anthony Show on XM Radio's The Virus channel (XM202).

    • His favorite band is Black Sabbath, his all-time hero Ozzy Osbourne.

  • Quotes

    • [On the cancellation of Lucky Louie by HBO]
      Jim Norton: I think it was a bad move for them. We had a good amount of viewers. I loved doing Lucky Louie. I just didn't like the critics.

    • [On political correctness]
      Jim Norton: People expect you to be funny, and yet they have all these little asterisks they put next to what you said. Or they want you to be funny, and yet not offensive. They don't want you to violate their political ideologies, their religious ideologies. So, I think that's the thing I hate more than anything, even more than the Religious Right, and the way they crush free speech. I hate political correctness. I think it really hurts comedy, and I think that people under the age of 25 are so caught up in it, they just don't realize what dumb [expletive deleted] robots they are.

    • [On why his comedic style is aggressive]
      Jim Norton: It's a part of who I am as a person. I am sick and tired of cute, adorable humor and non-threatening humor. It's irritating and I think you're not revealing anything. I think that's nuts and I think you're wasting your time.

    • [On how he got his start as a comedian]
      Jim Norton: I just kept going up in bars. I sucked when I first started. I was too dirty and had nothing behind it. I was just really awful. It was a long a road. I started in bars and started doing gigs. It was a year before I got paid.

    • [On what we thinks about his supporters]
      Jim Norton: If you enjoy what I do, I appreciate it. If you don't enjoy what I do, go [explicative deleted] yourself.

    • Jim Norton: I'm a stand-up comic who hates his own guts.

    • Steve from Yellowstone: Ramone!