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  • An Emmy-worthy actor who has nerds like me hooked to The Big Bang Theory!

    "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" is one of my favorite television episodes of all time because of this man! He is so talented, I don't understand why his talents weren't discovered/appreciated earlier. He's so perfect for his role as Sheldon, and I honestly cannot image anyone else even attempting to take on the role. Some of Sheldon's lines could be taken as insulting, but Jim is so charming and hilarious that nothing is offensive! Not only is Jim great on TBBT, but he is really nice in real life too. I have watched every video interview youtube has to offer, and I still can't get enough of his quick wit and honesty. Plus he is so charming, and I never would have guessed he's 36 years old! I am going to be very upset if he doesn't win an Emmy for his amazing work. After the nominations came out, he was glowing. Who else is that humble and adorable?!