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  • Could not, would not imagine this show without the fabulous Jim Parsons!

    I am actually surprised that there are not more reviews on him, especially since he has now won an Emmy and Golden Globe award! I know some may think his character is saturated on the show at times but can you imagine him now being on at all? I love Sheldon Lee 'trouble' Cooper! He is the ultimate star of the show as all his friends lives revolve/involve him as well. Everyone 'puts' up with him even at his worse! But its because Jim is just too damn cute! He is adorable/adored and well loved! Having had the priviledge of seeing this show live a few times and even extra priviledge to meet most of the stars I have to say the only one I absolutely NEED to meet now is Jim but that may be almost impossible as he is so frackin' popular and would be mobbed by fans for sure. So lets talk about why I love Jim other than what I've stated above. His delivery of his lines, his fast paced dialogue, his character is very unique and he (Jim) just nails it every single time! He is probably the one who least breaks within the cast. Take notice at the bloopers in season 3 to see what I mean. Jim is so lucky. He gets to be two completely different people, assholic as Sheldon and a sweetheart as himself. An actor's biggest gift from a fan is to be told that he is so convincing as the character he plays and that it looks so easy. I imagine that Jim will have more awards and recoginition in the very near future for his incredible performances in The Big Bang Theory and many other projects. I will be jealous of NY this summmer as they get to have him when he makes his Broadway debut! Good luck Jim, in all you do and know I will be there every step of the way! :)